Ableton Clinics

Don’t forget about these upcoming Switched On clinics.

April 4th, 2011 : Clips
*Warp Engine
*Launch View
*Follow Actions


April 12th, 2011 : Analog Synth Workshop
Modules from:

Hands on clinic! 7pm:10$

April 18th, 2011 : Mastering
*Multiband Compressor


Feb 21st Clinic

February 21st 2011
Clinic @ Victory Grill 7pm, 10$, 1hr.
Drum Rack:

1. How to find a sample
2. Insert Midi track
3. Insert Drum Rack instrument in Ableton host plug-ins
4. Route drum interface 5. Making blank clips 6. Different ideas, break, house, DnB, RnB, rock midi program 7. Realtime drum recording
8. Quantize and how to use it
9. Multiple samples in one clip spot
10. Macro 11. The advantage to more samples
12. Setup and comfort 13. Live sampling 14. Making a beat library of original clips 15. Chains in the rack 16. Adding effects 17. Extreme glitch

Ableton Clinic Feb 07

Switched On Workshop Ableton Live Simpler :
A Digital Solution : Making Analog Sounds.

This workshop will cover the simpler, subtractive synthesizers, sampling, using midi controllers, and making your own sound library. Please bring a laptop with live so you can make instruments while at the clinic. This clinic has a strong focus on making custom sounds. This will also cover browser usage, favorite folders, and file management. Joseph will be there early @ 6:30 if you have any questions, or problems you need help with your own projects.

Simpler Clinic 101:

*How to take a sample.
*Insert Midi track.
*Insert Simpler Instrument in Ableton host plug ins.
*Route midi keyboard.
*Route to audio track.
*Blank Midi Clips.

*Synth 101:

*Making a progression.
*Recording a progression in realtime.
*Looping a sample.
*Creating a Single Waveform.
*How to modify your waveform.
*Adding effects.
*Depth to the effects. (Multiple chain order)

NAMM 2011

NAMM 2011.

All I can say is there are great people doing great things. So many good people. Thanks Shawn Cleary @ Analog Haven, Antonio @ Noise Bug, Don Buchla, Tony @ Make Noise, Scott The Harvestman, Bobby and Gur @ TipTiop, William @ WMD, Dan & Jeanot @ 4MS, Dave Smith, Justin @ Motu, Gorillabox, Reatable Team Josep & Marcus, and everyone else for such a great time at NAMM 2011. Saw some of the most interesting things. Check out some of the shots below.

Ableton Live Clinics Schedule Released