Busy Working

Designing cases is a ton of work. Now that we have some really nice designs i need to figure out what people would really want. I love this new case, and the music that has been coming out of it is insane. The sound cloud account has some new tracks up. Check them out. http://soundcloud.com/outofthebag


So Jared and I built this crazy case. I wanted a pinball machine. Crazy. Not completely filled yet but its getting there. Have the Optomix from Make Noise on the way.

Sound Modular is working on this new wood line. We have some great ideas. This is going to be a productive year in building cases, and getting people excited about modular synths. This is the best instrument i have ever made in my life. Can not wait until the 10 row!!! Pictures are below.

Pinball Head On 1Pinball Head On 3Pinball Head On 2

Working on Elements

Good times.

Livid Elements Meet Sound Modular 3
Power Supply x6Bus Boards 1

Flight200 Linear Promo Video 1

New Batch

Working on the next batch of cases. Getting excited. We are trying out a new Ramp208 version that should look really clean and nice. We are moving toward a late March thru April date of having cases again. Our first runs sold fast, and we are moving to make another run. They are extremely hard to make but are very rewarding once they are finished. The labor of love for musical gear and to share it with others, what joy. More news to come on the SoundModular front.