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Pailo's new record is out. You can purchase it on bandcamp.



Pailo @ Moogfest 2017 MOTS




The first concept drawing back in 1999


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Check the Free Downloads Page. There are zip files of all of my music. Good and bad, it’s all me. Been working on some new music and had to let all of this out for free to move on to the next venture. The iTunes release will be announced soon. Hope you enjoy the holiday gift from Outofthebag. My First Major Release will be 2013!!


Releasing Music

Pailo is releasing three records and a single in the next few weeks along with the launch of’s official web store. We are excited to announce that these songs are previously unreleased.

These first records “Early Years” are recordings from 1997-1999 and were found not long ago. The quality is not the best but again Pailo wanted to release some old songs. His later works are from the “Guitar Years” and focus on a jazzy vibe with electronic drums, and the blending of the Ableton sequencer. Pailo does sing on a few of the tunes too, which rarely happens anymore.

After this initial release we plan on bringing digital installments over the next six months of other Outofthebag artists including Walkingstick, Remix the War, Dylan C and J-Quest.

Pailo-5-15-11-CLEAN-OXIDE Single



SXSW Shows.

Thursday March 1oth,2011
Pailo VJ Set. 718 Congress Ave.
Friday March 11th, 2011
Pailo is a laptop battle judge for AMODA @ The Mohawk
Saturday March 12th, 2011
Pailo VJ’s @ Beauty Bar.
Monday March 14th, 2011
Pailo and his modular will be at the M.A.C.C.
Tuesday March 15th, 2011
Pailo @ Dubacademy Tent for inteactive workshops
Wednesday March 16th, 2011
Dub Academy Video/Ableton Demo feat Livid
Thursday-Saturday March 17-19th
Switched On
Saturday March 19th, 2011
official Moog Party Victory Grill

Exploded Drawing 3

You should come out to this event hosted by Switched On and Baby Blue Studio’s.