This is a big year for music and creation. We have a few records coming out this year that are fun and a brand new take on some pop hooks. Check out the Records page for more info on the new songs. We are adding some new artists to the crew too so remember the Artist page has images of the musicians we support. Contact Joseph if you have anything you need as far as Ableton files, samples for the Octatrack, A4 syses files, and anything regarding modular synthesizers. More links can also be found on out Websites page.

Nice to see you back and hope 2015 is a blast.

Summer NAMM

Summer NAMM. Really cool stuff, seeing old friends. This is a great way to look at what the music world has to offer on a commercial level. There are some smaller companies here too, but it’s wilding seeing how big a small NAMM is. I can’t wait for the winter NAMM.