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A eurorack Sampler that uses

6.7A Power Supply Build

I documented my power supply build so everyone can see how it happened. You will see in the first step there is a plastic case with two supplies. Each one is 6.7A and they are going to be wired together to create a +15V/-15V power supply. The mounting is done with 1-1/4” 4/40 screws, washers and lock washers. There are also two 1/4” 4/40 plastic spacers so the power supply bottoms and plastic case do not touch in case of supply heat against the plastic case.


After that I trace out the MIDI/DIN jacks on the side of the plastic box before cutting each one out with an Exacto Knife. They are super sharp and can cut holes out really close. Be careful though, one wrong move….ouch!!!


Once the MIDI/DIN holes are cut I moved onto the IEC jack with fuse holder. That cut was also done with my Exacto Knife to get it as close to the size as possible. This also helps with the midi jacks because you can have enough plastic to screw them in with 2.5mm screws and square nuts. The IEC also has tabs so if the hole is the correct size it locks into the plastic and stays put when plugging and unplugging.

Next is cutting all of the wire to size and putting Female Terminal Connects on all of the wire going to the IEC jack and stripping the wire to be on the supplies and soldered to the MIDI jacks. This step is the most important because the ground wire in my box is done with 12G wire and all of the power if done with 16G. From doing car audio we always used thicker wire with the ground. The shorter the run of cable the better so there isn’t a bunch of wire in a corner of the box. It could also cause EMI noise in your audio lines.



Once the wiring is done and the MIDI jacks are wired and soldered I go get a multimeter and test all of the jacks to make sure the power is giving +15V where needed and -15V where needed. There is a regulator board inside each of my cases that regulate the boards to +12 /-12. Running the system this way has been documented on the ELBY Designs site. It seems to be solid. If you do not know about voltage regulators you can always buy +12/-12 supplies and just go straight 12volts.

You can see my power MIDI/DIN jacks are finished. Then i GOO-Gone the marker off. Please note that people in your studio SHOULD know there is power running on MIDI/DIN jacks. If one of these gets plugged into any gear you could have a total gear meltdown. My studio speed has become much slower now that there is power running along MIDI lines. Be CAREFUL if you choose to run things this way. MIDI jacks have plenty of pins and usually are handy for running over 10’ lengths for connecting gear/power/audio in certain situations.


My final wiring is below. As you can tell I like clean wiring and simple design. I found the plastic case in the trash and the supplies were 30$ each online ( Wiring is about 5$ with a 3$ IEC plug and 1$ fuse. Pretty simple project that took me about 1 hour.


Case is powered and making amazing sounds!

Module Panel Mods

Check out all the BLOG post’s below featuring Pailo’s panel mods. It’s been some tough work but some of these panels are turning out pretty sweet. Was getting tired of the metal look of the case and wanted everything to be a little more custom. Been talking to the guys around the shop and trying to get people’s opinions. Let me know what you think...

BubbleSound SeM20 Alex Grey


4ms PEG Bosch Ver. 2


Elby Ken Stone Synthacon 8bit


4ms PEG Invaders


4ms PEG Bosch Ver. 1

PEG Bosch Ver. 1

Modded Doepfer A-143-1


4ms VCAMatrix Alex Grey


2row Wood

2 row wood profile

More Case Magic

As posted on muffwiggler.

skb flight


Proto V2.o

Here are a few more shots with the cables tied down, and some modules inside and working. 1.5 amp, very cool running with 7 modules so far. Getting ready to let it run all night and then will fill it tomorrow. There will be more shots as usual. Don’t have an official release date but they will be ready soon hopefully. There will be 2 and 3 row available at first and then I will be releasing other cases as 2012 progresses. It is a very exciting time for, and for Pailo as an artist. Breaking new ground. You can see Pailo’s modular synth set this Saturday @ 7pm @ ND for 5$ with free red bull. Drink two, and its like getting for free to see me.



Looks pretty sweet. AmSynth is in the UK. Under the radar.


Case Work Pt. 2


2 Row (Flight 208 Model) 475$ Approx
3 Row (Flight 312 Model) 615$ Approx
4 Row (Flight 416 Model) 845$ Approx


104HP Vector Size Rows 3mm Screws
BubbleSound 1.5Amp Power Supply
Per Row
4MS Distro 1.1 Boards w/5 Volt Rail
14G Wire Throughout Case
Fuse Holder w/Extra Fuse
Hand Built in the USA

These cases could power one skiff extra for every row if you were not using all metasonix modules. Giving this much room for power will be unlike any other company on the market. These supplies should be able to handle a large array of modules. Testing is in two weeks. The first run will be ready by late October. Ordering will be through with Paypal, and Switched On Music Electronics in store.

Other thoughts I have had lately have been of a plain 25/37 key CV controller. Cheap. Like 200$. That would be a winner too. Maybe one to match the cases? Few other option ideas are to let customers choose their own LED colors inside the case, and to give a 4hp front power panel special edition option. Other options later will be case colors including Red, Blue, Green, Wood Grain. Optional wood finished inside panel which can include 3 sets of multiples. Last option was to do a dual 3” speaker onboard option so you could plug the case power cable in and use the built in speakers!

Possible Add Ons:

*Colors (Red, Blue, Green, WoodGrain) (add 40$)
*Internal LED Colors (No Charge)
*4HP Special Edition Front Power Panel (add 40$)
*Interior Finish Panel w/ Multiples (add 60$)
*On Board Dual 3” Speakers (add 100$)
*Matching 25 or 37 Key CV KeyBoard (add 200$/300$)

These ideas, prices, and thoughts are subject to change at any time, and not all of the options may become available.

Case Work Proto v1.o

Here is my first adventure into custom cases. Built the bus boards and did a ton of work to get this project off the ground. I could not have done it without the help of all of my friends including Dann, Jeanot, David, and Justin. Thanks also to all the people @ Switched On who support everything I do, and the guys @ Dub Academy for letting me perform last night @ the ND with the new case. Pictures below. Took four days of work, and about 16 hours of learning.

Next run will be the v2.o, v3.o (Models, Flight 208: Flight 312) and will test the Bubblesound power supply 1.6 with the 4ms Distro 1.1. This will be a lot more work but will be the highest rated mA case out on the market (1.5A per single row) for the best price. First run will be about 12, and then a bigger run will follow. Hope everyone digs the hard work. These will be 104hp vector rails, and thinking about doing the tap strips instead of the sliding nut. After the first two runs of 2 row and 3 row I will look into doing a 4 row. All handles will be low profile and not interfear with the the stacking of cases. Also thinking about putting the power on a 4hp panel for stacking purpose also. still more to think about.

The first run looks to be about 6 weeks from completion. Hope to finish sooner.

2011-09-21 21-1.11.32
2011-09-21 21.11.362011-09-21 19.50.51
2011-09-22 15.30.36
2011-09-22 22.58.32
2011-09-23 10.08.15
2011-09-24 20.49.37

Power Rails

Solder all morning to finish the power rails. No injuries to report which is good news. Lots of measuring.

2011-09-21 09.41.31

Case Building

Working on cases and prototypes this weekend and all next week. Hope to have the images up by next week so you can see what i have been working on.

There will be 4 colors including silver, black, blue, yellow, and red. All ATA flight case ready with two rows of 88hp vector rails. The power supplies should be ready after my first test.

I used a pedal train case to do my first prototype, and then we will move into the standard size. Right now i will only be working on one size until i can find a better bigger case option.

Stay tuned for more. Thanks 4MS, Bubblesound, and Fletch.

Eurorack Demo June 27th, 2011

June 27, 2011 @ Switched On
Eurorack Modular Demo Featuring:
Stere Rightnour - Livewire Synthesizers/ Monorocket
Dann Green -
4MS Pedals
In-Store Demo From Both Companies!

Hosted By: Joseph Pailo & Guy Taylor
7pm-8pm FREE


Wow is all I can say. Amplitude Modulator, Mixer, VCAx4, Modulation Router, and Matrix for dynamic creation based on voltage. Insane fun. Too much for me to handle. Switched On is the first store to carry them. We are the only one’s to carry the black one’s too! Thanks to 4MS (dann and jeanot) for bringing them in and keeping me in mind. Please do not ask me for the “black one”. They are only for the select few :P Plus I sold my two already.

We have 4MS and Livewire Electronics in store
June 27th, 2011 for a free clinic! That’s right! FREE!! So come down, meet some new people, and find out what modular synthesizers are all about.

Photo 16

The Harvestman

The Harvestman stuff is amazing. Saw this module @ NAMM. The Piston Honda is a wavetable oscillator. Check the site for more details on these great products.