MC303 Acid Labs

For 420$ is it worth it? Looks nice and OSC and Filter w ENV in one module. The sequencer is 499$ so for about 1000$ you can have a eurorack tb303. Seems like a cool idea. The sequencer has gotten good reviews to in the clean function, and real time step programming. The quality of their gear is top notch but how many of these are there? I just like the design here.


Their homepage here

Eurorack Community

We try and follow all of the new Eurorack modules that come out but there are over 700! This BLOG is where I generally talk about items I want for my case, or things that I already own and just want to say how much they work for me. Keep tuned in for Sound Modular updates and OutoftheBag information too.


Last night was filled with deep bass, and crazy pulses from the Cyclebox. An amazing Eurorack Oscillator that has plenty of wavetables and sounds to keep you tweaking for days. Pitch tracking is awesome and you can get some very vocalist tones, sub bass, piercing high notes and leads forever.

Highly recommend this piece for your case.




The new sequencer I have been eyeing up….. Looks really cool. Only found it in Germany though… boys @ schneiders rock. Share all my secrets here.

Brain 2

I have been working on some really fun projects lately with my friends at Livid. Today’s synth meet will showcase some of the first Midi Eurorack Modules ever!! Makes me excited to share with everyone the experience I am having with all of this amazing gear. Jay has been super helpful and everyone @ Livid is super cool and really make me enjoy the experience even more. The best part about it is, we are working on all this great equipment to make everyone else’s experience better too. This opens so many new doors ways and possibilities that I never thought were imaginable. Sitting in front of my modular and controlling Ableton while surround by analog modules by my favorite manufactures (and friends) thinking, “Wow, what a great time. Mixing together both my analog sounds with my digital effects.sequencer.controllers.plugins. all at once!”

Hope you are enjoying this, what’s about to happen next is going to change the game!


Downloads Page

Here are different waveforms, and a few blip beats made from the eurorack system. This is for the students to make simpler devices out of. Its great to have a good reference point for wave shape sounds in your sample library. Make sure you hit the diskette and save the synths you make into your library.


NAMM 2011

NAMM 2011.

All I can say is there are great people doing great things. So many good people. Thanks Shawn Cleary @ Analog Haven, Antonio @ Noise Bug, Don Buchla, Tony @ Make Noise, Scott The Harvestman, Bobby and Gur @ TipTiop, William @ WMD, Dan & Jeanot @ 4MS, Dave Smith, Justin @ Motu, Gorillabox, Reatable Team Josep & Marcus, and everyone else for such a great time at NAMM 2011. Saw some of the most interesting things. Check out some of the shots below.

Noise Swash

This thing is one of the craziest machines i have ever played with. From liquid sounds, to drum rhythms, to noise the Noise Swash from 4ms is really deep. Not something easy to get used to.

Link to 4ms

Vermona's New DIY

Vermona has hit the ground running.
It looks exciting.

Malekko NoiseRing


This piece has amazing time ability. Add this and a clock divider, and you have a great timing module that can control your modular. You can write drums, trigger sequencers, and time LFO’s with this module. It also does more. 250$

A-109 Module

The Doepfer A-109 is a module that has a VCA, VCF., and Panner all in 1. It’s about 175$ and is a useful module to add if you are building a basic, inexpensive synth. This with a good VCO (A-110) 199$, Envelope (A-140) 95$, and an LFO module (A-145) 90$ would do it all. That’s 600$ (plus a case My guess if you build your own power supply, or get the cheapest Doepfer one that’s a 700$ analog modular.

The more I read into modular, the better it gets