PDX Music Clinics


Some new events are starting soon hosted by Pailo and a few others from Outofthebag.org. Topics range from Subtractive Synthesis, to Ableton, to Elektron workflow and tips. There are also posts on the PDXMusicClinics site about tips and tricks to get your mind into concepts that our instructors will cover.

This is a unique opportunity to learn about the latests music gear, from top notch users willing to share their specialized techniques.


Bought a few new Elektron pieces of gear for the Outofthebag studio. Really happy with the performance of their sequencers and the flexibility each one has to offer. Recently found a Monomachine SFX60+, Octatrack, and Analog Four. They are all completely different and have some amazing strengths outside of the computer world. I hear people complain about sub menus and other things but all in all they have an awesome way of creating interesting sounds on the fly without ever having to stop the machines. Got rid of some old stuff to embrace the new. I had some heavy gear but this has all been a great replacement.

1. The basic “menu diving” that everyone is worried about seems to come down to 5-7 menus. My muscle memory serves me well from years of playing instruments and different instruments and sequencers. Learning these little boxes was fast and intuitive. Everything was right where i needed it to be. Lights for indicators. Mutes. Performance settings. Keyboards. Octave changes. Transposition. If you think it should be on the box it is and then some. The knobs were smooth and have a quick edit also for more dramatic changes in sound.

2. The final sound is very clean and polished. If you are used to working in DAWs i think the
Elektrons sound even better. 24/96khz is the standard of the Octatrack and it seems so clean you have to “color” sampled sounds to make it sound different than the original. Its that clean. If you are used to working in an RME or Apogee world, you will quickly be happy with your purchase because it is comparable. Its nice bringing them into high quality recording gear because if you push the VCA’s you will get some drive.

3. There are a ton of nice new interesting
effects. You probably are tired of the effects you have used a thousand times in plug form. These boxes have a host of new effects that are trigger lock enabled DSP. You can lock every step to change the effects parameters in real time and save that information. Or change them over time with all types of LFO’s and Envelopes.

Hope this is a good detail of some of the fun i am having.

Monomachine SFX60+ - Tons of FM synths, Virtual Analogs, Wavetables and VO Synths.
Analog Four - 4 Dual voice analog machines with two filters, two LFOS, two Envelopes.
Octatrack - *track Sampler/Midi Sequencer Granular Heaven. MicroSound.