Pearl Masters

Playing the Pearl’s last night. The harder you hit em, the sweeter they sound. 13 x 13 rack tom, floor tom @ 16x 16, extremely low kick drum @ 24 x 18, and a 13 x 7 maple snare. It’s nice to play the drums. They make you feel alive and tingly all over. Always wear hearing protection. That is the key to playing drums year after year and not going def.

Tama Starclassic also make me super excited, but the price of the Pearl, and the quality of the shell is hard to beat. I prefer the Tama hardware over everything else though. Iron Cobra. Solid as can be and you can set the pedals to be loose in the feel. Kinda like the old Ludwig pedals. Speed King. Those were so terrible they were good. The loosest pedal ever for a kick drum. Like it was going to fall apart every time you kicked it, but I loved those pedal’s loose feel.