Beta Cell DNA

Working on the Beta with Livid on Cell DNA, and it has been really great to see this software progress. I tend to use 3 different video editors to make most of my clips. Cell is the place to perform. It has a load of effects, and you can basically add an unlimited amount of photoshop plugs to make all the effects happen the way you expect. Very predictable, and very stable to on Lion already.

Thanks Peter, Mike, Gabe, Jay, and everyone at Livid for making such awesome gear and software. Keep up the good work.



Working Tons

Working on a prototype controller, and driving myself nuts with code. Ableton clinics are going to take a break for June and July. August I will bring them back in full effect. Check me out on all the links, and my new summer music will be on soundcloud. See you soon. If anyone needs me use my email.



Code by Livid Instrumensts


He loves the too!
What’s up Sean?


Some really great software for touch devices.

I will make my own controller that works with Ableton by the end of this year. How many buttons is really up to me. That is why I am not making any predictions. Above is my Arduino kit. Basically the building blocks to building your own monome controller. I have found all of the individual parts. Now it’s just a matter of figuring out all this C code. My brain is on overdrive.