Control Voltage


I just wanted to thank everyone for the support with the clinics.
If you need any information regarding the handouts, remember to
contact me at

Basic Synth 2 Fall 2015


Basic Synth 1 Fall 2015



Thanks to everyone who attended. See you next time.

Filter and FM Clinic


Thank you Portland for the amazing response to my modular clinics. Next one is two weeks away on VCA, AM, and Envelope Generator. Don’t miss out.

Oscillator Clinic


Thanks for stopping by this saturday. Two weeks from now will be Filter and FM. The download section had the Synth Basic 1 PDF.

Synth Basic 1

Another basics of synthesizers is FREE @ this Saturday at 1pm. It is an intro class, it’s free, and you get to learn on the eurorack modular system. It’s a good time to come out, and meet some people who love the modular, and learn about some modules. There is a free download in the Downloads section called Basic Synth 1. Go and download it now!!!

See you Saturday.