Mac OS X Lion Update

Installed OS X Lion last night. Great software for sure, only lost the adobe, and microsoft office. Seems like everything else went smooth. I found out that the new OS indexes your drives on the first restart so the cpu will run slow for about the first hour or two of operation because it is indexing. After that it seems to run way faster. I also have cleared 20+ GB from the hard drive doing the install.

Reason, Record, Ableton, NI, and most third party plugs smoothy installed also. It seems i was worried for nothing. Once the install was complete, all of the icon that do not work have a circle with a line through it. Most new apps on the App store are boring but i can see where it will expand soon with more software titles. The macbook now acts like an iPad in Launchpad mode. It’s pretty slick.

The graphics performance is amazing too, cleaner and quicker. Probably cause there is less code jamming up the system. Kudos Apple.

Highly recommend the 29$ dollar purchase. The new LaunchPad Is Sweet.


Open Source

BeagleJuice!! Looks insane. Run anything you want on it.

New i5, i7 Chip

Did you see the new toys Apple put out besides the iPad? Think about the new 4 core chips from intel and get ready for the 64 bit revolution. Strange to think how fast older software would run on these newer chips. I want to keep OSX 10.5 for that reason. Faster workflow without having to buy all the newest crap either.