Clinic @ Switched On

Notes For May 16th

Midi with Hardware in Ableton Live 8

1. Electribe.
*Clock Sync in Ableton Midi Preference
*Ability to record patterns in clips Record Enable Track
*Setting correct drum to pad in sequencer
*MIDI settings, ways to monitor midi
*CV with the trigger from Electribe
*Max MSP notes to Ableton midi track

2. CV from MIDI Clip
*Converter involved
*USB controller/ MIDI Controller
*Electribe/LPK MINI/ Clip from Live
*CV Drum Kit DR220
*Voltage was made in the 60's

3. Softstep Demo
*Foot Controller
*Parameter mapping
*Thirdparty Software with Live.
*Data in Live CC vs NN

4. Template Creation
*Setting up your set
*Easy to modify
*Map values
*Saving instruments, effects, midi, racks, and more concepts for saving

5. Automation in Ableton.
*Global record
*One track @ a time vs running around
*Phrasing effects
*Envelopes automated


May 16th, 2011 @ Victory Grill
MIDI with Hardware in Ableton

*Korg Electribe Tricks
*MIDI to CV Explained
*Sync Clock W/ Two Macs
*Midi Preference
*Python Script Location
*Monome Setup W/Live
*Softstep Demo
*Remote Mapping

By Joseph Pailo
7pm. 10$

Got a good one in store for all of you controller and hardware addicts who want to make the most of out Ableton Live and it’s amazing engine for syncing tons of gear. Pulling out all the stops on May 16th to show you all what I have been working on with the new Softstep, and with Python Script Step Sequencers on the APC40. This will be a night of LED’s, Sync’d Clocks, and happy Live users. Come with questions, and an appetite to learn.

March 7th, 2011

March 7th, 2011 Workshop @ Victory Grill
Instrument Rack Construction

*Simpler Design
*Parallels In Racks
*Macro Setup
*Effects Layering
*Racks Within Racks
*Designing Your Own Presets

By Joseph Pailo
7pm 10$

Feb 21st Clinic

February 21st 2011
Clinic @ Victory Grill 7pm, 10$, 1hr.
Drum Rack:

1. How to find a sample
2. Insert Midi track
3. Insert Drum Rack instrument in Ableton host plug-ins
4. Route drum interface 5. Making blank clips 6. Different ideas, break, house, DnB, RnB, rock midi program 7. Realtime drum recording
8. Quantize and how to use it
9. Multiple samples in one clip spot
10. Macro 11. The advantage to more samples
12. Setup and comfort 13. Live sampling 14. Making a beat library of original clips 15. Chains in the rack 16. Adding effects 17. Extreme glitch

Ableton Clinic Feb 07

Switched On Workshop Ableton Live Simpler :
A Digital Solution : Making Analog Sounds.

This workshop will cover the simpler, subtractive synthesizers, sampling, using midi controllers, and making your own sound library. Please bring a laptop with live so you can make instruments while at the clinic. This clinic has a strong focus on making custom sounds. This will also cover browser usage, favorite folders, and file management. Joseph will be there early @ 6:30 if you have any questions, or problems you need help with your own projects.

Simpler Clinic 101:

*How to take a sample.
*Insert Midi track.
*Insert Simpler Instrument in Ableton host plug ins.
*Route midi keyboard.
*Route to audio track.
*Blank Midi Clips.

*Synth 101:

*Making a progression.
*Recording a progression in realtime.
*Looping a sample.
*Creating a Single Waveform.
*How to modify your waveform.
*Adding effects.
*Depth to the effects. (Multiple chain order)

New Clinic Date Jan 24th 2011 @ Victory Grill

The Jan 24th clinics is as follows:

Ableton Live Clinic
Topics Include:
*File Management
*File Folder Management
*Tools to make Live more friendly

10$, 1hr clinic. 7-8pm.

Hosted by: