PDX Music Clinics


Some new events are starting soon hosted by Pailo and a few others from Outofthebag.org. Topics range from Subtractive Synthesis, to Ableton, to Elektron workflow and tips. There are also posts on the PDXMusicClinics site about tips and tricks to get your mind into concepts that our instructors will cover.

This is a unique opportunity to learn about the latests music gear, from top notch users willing to share their specialized techniques.

OSU and Ableton Live

Note on the download page.

Student Breakout Sessions
2-2.45pm: First 45 min student breakout session:
An introduction to Ableton Push (Jeremy – 20 mins), Motion Sensor integration with Live 9 (Nate Asman)
3-3.45pm: Second 45min student breakout session:
incorporating modular synths with Live 9 (Joseph)
4-4.40pm: Third 40 min student breakout session:
Drum Racks in Live 9 (Jeremy – 20 mins) and Instrument Racks in Live 9 (Joseph – 20 mins)

5-6pm: Break

Evening Public Presentation
6:30-7.00pm: Jeremy Highhouse presents
7:00-8.00pm: Joseph Cerimeli presents 
Clocking the Modular with Ableton Live: An intro to timing, modular synths, and computer functions in electronic music
8.00-8.30pm: Nate Asman performance/presentation
Monome, Live 9 and alternative controller integration




New site by Kendal Clark and Steve Campbell.
Tricks for using Ableton Live and free sound libraries too.
What a great place to read articles on my favorite recording software.
Check it out.

October is Over!

I have been working hard all month. Ableton Classes and Clinics and lessons all over the Austin area. Just want to take the time out to thank everyone who has been working with me. You all mean the world, and your interest in Live has been exciting. It feeds me to be just as excited (if not more!). The school has been a really great thing too. Thanks to Barrington and to all of you who have helped make this dream a reality.

More to come in November.


Some really great software for touch devices.


Ableton Clinic V2.0 @ Switched On

May 17th Clinic
Learn how to cut up your favorite samples and use them in anyway possible.
20$ + tons of fun.



MIDI Clinic

Can’t wait for the MIDI clinic on April 18th. Going to bring some fun toys and really help connect Ableton to hardware in an easy to understand way. Hope everyone who makes it remembers to bring a controller. Mapping is also going to be a part of the clinic. Templates and the whole 9 yards!

Mixer Clinic

Thank you for everyone who made it out last night. The clinic was a success. We had lots of Q & A, lots of Ableton, and the introduction to the Livid BLOCK controller @ The Switched On Clinic. We will have some pictures at the Switched On website, and some video on Vimeo.

Ableton Live Clinics Schedule Released

What A Week

Working hard on MAX MSP patches. Lots of reading, with too many tutorials to count. It’s has been a fun experience. I need a good list of the apc40’s max patch guts. Still looking. Monomulator crashes like crazy on my cpu once maxforlive was installed.

Switched On Clinics

The list of classes will be fully updated March 22nd, along with prices, time, and size of each class. Pailo is instructing clinics based on live techniques and studio recording techniques which will help the user navigate Ableton, and master the interface. Small classroom sizes will help each student learn in a positive environment with other Live users, and a host of instruments ,including the Akai APC40 and Novation LaunchPad. Students are encouraged to bring their laptops and control surfaces to make each lesson help fit their unique setup, allowing time for the teacher to evaluate the students Ableton rig and to make it streamline for production.