Pailo @ Moogfest 2017 MOTS



NAMM 2015







OSU and Ableton Live

Note on the download page.

Student Breakout Sessions
2-2.45pm: First 45 min student breakout session:
An introduction to Ableton Push (Jeremy – 20 mins), Motion Sensor integration with Live 9 (Nate Asman)
3-3.45pm: Second 45min student breakout session:
incorporating modular synths with Live 9 (Joseph)
4-4.40pm: Third 40 min student breakout session:
Drum Racks in Live 9 (Jeremy – 20 mins) and Instrument Racks in Live 9 (Joseph – 20 mins)

5-6pm: Break

Evening Public Presentation
6:30-7.00pm: Jeremy Highhouse presents
7:00-8.00pm: Joseph Cerimeli presents 
Clocking the Modular with Ableton Live: An intro to timing, modular synths, and computer functions in electronic music
8.00-8.30pm: Nate Asman performance/presentation
Monome, Live 9 and alternative controller integration


Getting used to the new turf. West Coast is beautiful. BLOG has been put on hold for a minute, but we are still working on some great new projects. Pailo has a few records coming out, and there is a new video on the video page. Check out the LZX synth in action.


So started building a VCAM and boy, surface mount soldering is pretty great. No need to snip leads off of components. Takes way less time. This has been such an amazing experience building all of these modules. Its a ton of fun, and knowing my time goes into making synths is pretty sweet too.

Ohh yea, and if you have a euro system you need a VCAMatrix for sure.