Club Night

Pailo has been spotted playing out again…..

…………it’s on with the modular, tr-606, and sk1.


NAMM 2011

NAMM 2011.

All I can say is there are great people doing great things. So many good people. Thanks Shawn Cleary @ Analog Haven, Antonio @ Noise Bug, Don Buchla, Tony @ Make Noise, Scott The Harvestman, Bobby and Gur @ TipTiop, William @ WMD, Dan & Jeanot @ 4MS, Dave Smith, Justin @ Motu, Gorillabox, Reatable Team Josep & Marcus, and everyone else for such a great time at NAMM 2011. Saw some of the most interesting things. Check out some of the shots below.


Being here at NAMM is great, and this is one of the nicer companies I have seen. Really nice lap harps.


Summer NAMM

Summer NAMM. Really cool stuff, seeing old friends. This is a great way to look at what the music world has to offer on a commercial level. There are some smaller companies here too, but it’s wilding seeing how big a small NAMM is. I can’t wait for the winter NAMM.

Busy Busy

Tons of new gear on the way at the store. Super excited about that. I will post up a list when i have all the new things. SKB cases, headphones, Ableton copies, and more kits. This is going to be a busy summer.

Ableton Clinic V2.0 @ Switched On

May 17th Clinic
Learn how to cut up your favorite samples and use them in anyway possible.
20$ + tons of fun.


Arduino Synth

Here is my first Arduino synth. Pretty sweet. Sounds wild and has tons of depth.
3 versions can be loaded right now, and I am working on modifying the code a bit more.
Thanks Tinker London for helping with the design. Open source is sweet!

I will make my own controller that works with Ableton by the end of this year. How many buttons is really up to me. That is why I am not making any predictions. Above is my Arduino kit. Basically the building blocks to building your own monome controller. I have found all of the individual parts. Now it’s just a matter of figuring out all this C code. My brain is on overdrive.

One More Change

Can’t make up my mind. One more banner change and the site will be finished. The new editor helps me design so fast, and css sheets makes it easy to change the site. I am working on a new banner. Once that is finished the site will be complete. Hope all of the info here has been helping people. As the classes get more detailed the site will update with the class material. It gives the students reference and the public help to know what I like to teach with Ableton. If you need to schedule one on one time, let me know.

MIDI Clinic

Can’t wait for the MIDI clinic on April 18th. Going to bring some fun toys and really help connect Ableton to hardware in an easy to understand way. Hope everyone who makes it remembers to bring a controller. Mapping is also going to be a part of the clinic. Templates and the whole 9 yards!

Contact Me

Lets not forget, anyone with questions about the site, or about Ableton, or needs a vintage synth to email me.

Mixer Clinic

Thank you for everyone who made it out last night. The clinic was a success. We had lots of Q & A, lots of Ableton, and the introduction to the Livid BLOCK controller @ The Switched On Clinic. We will have some pictures at the Switched On website, and some video on Vimeo.

Ableton Live Clinics Schedule Released


My head is beginning to hurt. It’s now to the point where i can make my own controller from the ground up. Been thinking of a monome/apc40/launchpad hybrid. Don’t know if it will work because I have to start on smaller things first then move on to the larger tasks. The first controller will be a step sequencer for sure. 4x4 or 2x8. I dunno. Sketching ideas now.

Avenue by Resolume

You should check out resolume. Their software is amazing. Fun and easy to use. Get Screenium too, and you have yourself hours of fun.

What A Week

Working hard on MAX MSP patches. Lots of reading, with too many tutorials to count. It’s has been a fun experience. I need a good list of the apc40’s max patch guts. Still looking. Monomulator crashes like crazy on my cpu once maxforlive was installed.

Switched On

Switched On Clinics will begin after SXSW. Austin area will
have the chance to learn vital production information, and
get hands on experience with a certified Ableton Live 8 instructor.
Clinics will include Intro Level 1, Level 2, Midi, Drum Rack,
Simpler, Audio Effects Racks, DAW, Song, Mixing Mastering, APC40, and


1111 E.11th St
Austin Tx. 78702
(512) 782-8806

One Fast Transfer

Here we go. The old blog is up, the links are functional, and everything is looking back to normal. I do have to fix walkingstick’ss site next, but this looks a ton better and is a way better way to read through my thoughts and lesson. This site will soon be the center of the training video’s, original music, a place to get remix work, and all in all a way to see what Out of the Bag Artist’s are doing. Hope you like the design. Email me if you need anything or have questions.