October is Over!

I have been working hard all month. Ableton Classes and Clinics and lessons all over the Austin area. Just want to take the time out to thank everyone who has been working with me. You all mean the world, and your interest in Live has been exciting. It feeds me to be just as excited (if not more!). The school has been a really great thing too. Thanks to Barrington and to all of you who have helped make this dream a reality.

More to come in November.


Some really great software for touch devices.



Just like photoshop, only cheaper.




This is no joke. See what Arduino can do.

Switched On

4ms, maleco. livid. lots more to come.

OTB is 10 Years Old!

  • Has it been 10 years already?!? Yes, it most definitely has been.
  • Thanks for all the support throughout the years.
  • We have been developing over the past few years in many new
  • ways. Pailo has begun working with students one on one with Ableton Live
  • software. Teaching has brought Pailo to the forefront of music
  • production software, and challenges us in new ways to bring you
  • vital information to learn from a certified instructor.
  • Our next goal is to have video’s demonstrating Live’s power in
  • addition to Joseph’s style of teaching. Watch for more updates.