Producing OTB Release

Getting ready to release a summer single EP with all of the Outofthebag artist. Be on the lookout. It will feature Pailo, Bedford, Walkingstick, JQuest, Chili, Dylan C, FuturLuv, Tallest Towers, and some special guests.


Hello!! Just want to say thanks to every one in Austin TX for the support. We play this Thursday @ Skinny’s Ballroom. Come down and support the Live Minimal Techno of ANALOG DRUMS!!! See you soon. Also check out Pailo on FOX News 7!

Site Update

Reorganizing the site a little bit, and adding some info about all of the wonderful people I have worked with in the past. Been involved with studio’s and production work for the last 10 years almost, and working on my own tunes pre-dates 1994 with the gold old tape 4 track. How time flies when you work with people, and the things you love. Thanks everyone on the list and to all the other people I have helped not on the list. Digging through all of my old paper work is tough, but the list will grow as I pull up old files, and as I add new clients. There are so many great students @ Dub Academy too that I have watched grow, and they help me grow. All of you have made a huge difference in my life, and none of this could be without all of your interested minds and will to learn.

Thanks again. I could not do it without you all.

BLOG Crash

Blog went down for an hour yesterday. My fault. I switched the Home page to the BLOG page and the web server lost all the comments. I hate when it does that. Thanks again for coming to the site, and hopefully everything will be back to normal. Onto Proto v3.o.