Dr. StrangeKnob & Pailo LP

Portland Pailo Strange

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NAMM 2013 was Awesome. Good to see everyone!!!


Pailo Entire Collection

Check the Free Downloads Page. There are zip files of all of my music. Good and bad, it’s all me. Been working on some new music and had to let all of this out for free to move on to the next venture. The iTunes release will be announced soon. Hope you enjoy the holiday gift from Outofthebag. My First Major Release will be 2013!!


Tidal Waves

Wow. It has been a long time since we got on the BLOG. Back in action soldering at the bench and working on a mixer. It has been a lot of book worming and a ton of thinking but Sound Modular is getting ready to put some hard work to use on its newest designs. Stay tuned.


Midi Clinic

Working on syncing MIDI to CV and the LFO’s trigger in time with the Electribe. Pretty good stuff. The clinic this Monday will be a glimpse inside the studio here @ Outofthebag. Good times syncing MIDI clocks to CV V/Oct and gates. We will be covering all of these topics on Monday. You will leave with an idea of how to sync hardware with software using Ableton Live, Eurorack Modular, Digital and Analog Drum Machines, and Usb Controllers.

This is one not to be missed!
Victory Grill - 7pm 10$


Work Work SXSW WOrk

Big time of year here in Austin TX. People are gonna swarm in and
Switched On and I will be having a blast. Dub Academy also celebrates
it’s one year soon and we have tons of shows and interactive events
that make you

Come down to Switched On for the latest in euro-rack modular from
4MS, Malekko, Bubblesound, Monorocket and more (yes we even have
used modules!). 1111 e11th st suite 150. 78702. 512-782-8806.
The video on the home page is the modular I have been building and
you are more than welcome to come down and check it out. We even
have sampling for 25$ an hour.


Code by Livid Instrumensts


New Butterness!


Vermona's New DIY

Vermona has hit the ground running.
It looks exciting.

ER1 MKii

A great drum machine I highly recommend. I use it here in the studio for sequencing, programing, and arpeggiating. Lots of great features like motion sequencing, and the delay function is good for certain rhythm offsets. You can also gate external audio with the audio in section of the machine. All in all you can find them used @ Switched On, or in other corners of the web. The new one’s have tubes. I prefer the older one’s for the size and ease of use.


Check this out too.
It’s free!!


Prophet 600

You gotta love this one.




Super Collider

Super Collider is a whole new world.


Ableton Live Tip

Here is a great example of how I build Audio Effects Racks in Live. My two live set favorites right now are these 16 effects. This is basically how they are built together. Notice one macro button related to the effects dry wet, on/off, time decay, and other parameters. When the knob is down, the effect is off but as soon as I turn the knob the effect turns on, and then you adjust the dry wet and time based parameters the more you turn the knob. Turning it back to zero turns the effect off. Great for live performance, studio idea’s, and for abstracting on any sound. Remember that optimizing one button to do the maximum to a sound is beneficial. It leaves you more room to map other macro buttons to other things. Also, when using a great controller like the Apc40, Livid OHM, or anything you can have the “hot 8” with, will allow macro’s in Audio Effects Rack, Midi Effects Racks, and Instrument Racks to be swappable upon highlighting the plug-in when in a selected channel. This allows you to bounce from one thing to another changing what the “hot 8” do as you move from instrument, to effect, to midi plug-in ect.... Any questions, mail me. joseph@switchedonaustin.com

Performance Cables

How many cables do you need when you play out? Up to almost 30.

Thanks For Coming Out

Thanks everyone for coming out and seeing us play @ Red Fez. We play there every first Thursday of the month. Jazz, Live Breaks, Live Techno. It gets better every time.

Say Buchla


Go to this site and do what I do. Wish I had 40k to spend on a synth, cause this would be the one right here!!!

Vintage Synth Explorer


Need to know something about most synths on the market yesterday? Look no further. At VSE you can find some really good info and user reviews. If you can’t find it there it does not mean that synth never existed, it just means they haven’t got to it yet. There are a ton of synths on that site though.

Prophet Lives On


A place where you can talk about the prophet series keyboard. My prophet 600 is broken right now. Don’t know if it’s an oscillator issue or what. Sounds like it just freaks out as soon as you turn it on. Too bad it’s the most played keyboard in my studio (when it works).

Noystoise Is My Hero


Craziest music gear i have ever seen!

More SXSW Madness

Glitterbillies play tonight @ 9pm @ Headhunters. Going to be a good show. It’s already been crazy downtown, with traffic and more people than I’m used to seeing, endless shows, and streets closed down. It almost feels like summer.

Pearl Masters

Playing the Pearl’s last night. The harder you hit em, the sweeter they sound. 13 x 13 rack tom, floor tom @ 16x 16, extremely low kick drum @ 24 x 18, and a 13 x 7 maple snare. It’s nice to play the drums. They make you feel alive and tingly all over. Always wear hearing protection. That is the key to playing drums year after year and not going def.

Tama Starclassic also make me super excited, but the price of the Pearl, and the quality of the shell is hard to beat. I prefer the Tama hardware over everything else though. Iron Cobra. Solid as can be and you can set the pedals to be loose in the feel. Kinda like the old Ludwig pedals. Speed King. Those were so terrible they were good. The loosest pedal ever for a kick drum. Like it was going to fall apart every time you kicked it, but I loved those pedal’s loose feel.


TR-909, TR-707

There are two machines that run in my brain. The Roland TR-909 and TR-707 are my two favorite machines. The only other thing is the TR-808, but I can take the 909. I think it’s built great and really has a deep sound overall.

Waking up to musical instruments inspires me to live everyday.