Thanks Novation

Thanks Novation for the wonderful time. Demoing the Circuit with my modular was a blast!!!


Basic Synth 1 2016



I just wanted to thank everyone for the support with the clinics.
If you need any information regarding the handouts, remember to
contact me at

Basic Synth 2 Fall 2015


Basic Synth 1 Fall 2015



Thanks to everyone who attended. See you next time.

Modulation and LFO Clinic


We have had two great back to back clinics @ Control Voltage. People are getting involved with the modular and having a great time. Remember that these classes are free, and 1 hour long. They cover basic synth concepts and there are attached notes on the Downloads Page of the information.

See you soon.

Filter and FM Clinic


Thank you Portland for the amazing response to my modular clinics. Next one is two weeks away on VCA, AM, and Envelope Generator. Don’t miss out.

Oscillator Clinic


Thanks for stopping by this saturday. Two weeks from now will be Filter and FM. The download section had the Synth Basic 1 PDF.

Synth Basic 1

Another basics of synthesizers is FREE @ this Saturday at 1pm. It is an intro class, it’s free, and you get to learn on the eurorack modular system. It’s a good time to come out, and meet some people who love the modular, and learn about some modules. There is a free download in the Downloads section called Basic Synth 1. Go and download it now!!!

See you Saturday.

PDX Music Clinics

Some new events are starting soon hosted by Pailo and a few others from Topics range from Subtractive Synthesis, to Ableton, to Elektron workflow and tips. There are also posts on the PDXMusicClinics site about tips and tricks to get your mind into concepts that our instructors will cover.

This is a unique opportunity to learn about the latests music gear, from top notch users willing to share their specialized techniques.

OSU and Ableton Live

Note on the download page.

Student Breakout Sessions
2-2.45pm: First 45 min student breakout session:
An introduction to Ableton Push (Jeremy – 20 mins), Motion Sensor integration with Live 9 (Nate Asman)
3-3.45pm: Second 45min student breakout session:
incorporating modular synths with Live 9 (Joseph)
4-4.40pm: Third 40 min student breakout session:
Drum Racks in Live 9 (Jeremy – 20 mins) and Instrument Racks in Live 9 (Joseph – 20 mins)

5-6pm: Break

Evening Public Presentation
6:30-7.00pm: Jeremy Highhouse presents
7:00-8.00pm: Joseph Cerimeli presents 
Clocking the Modular with Ableton Live: An intro to timing, modular synths, and computer functions in electronic music
8.00-8.30pm: Nate Asman performance/presentation
Monome, Live 9 and alternative controller integration

Switched On Clinics

The list of classes will be fully updated March 22nd, along with prices, time, and size of each class. Pailo is instructing clinics based on live techniques and studio recording techniques which will help the user navigate Ableton, and master the interface. Small classroom sizes will help each student learn in a positive environment with other Live users, and a host of instruments ,including the Akai APC40 and Novation LaunchPad. Students are encouraged to bring their laptops and control surfaces to make each lesson help fit their unique setup, allowing time for the teacher to evaluate the students Ableton rig and to make it streamline for production.