295 Comb Filter

So i did another project two weeks ago. The 295 comb filter is basically 10 channel spectrum filter with dual outs per frequency, two outs master mix and buffered mults at the bottom of the module. It only processes audio, so there were no banana jacks. This was about 3 hours total project. It went really smooth.


259r Buchla Oscillator

I cannot thank Don Buchla, Roman, Josh, and a few friends for making this dream come true. Building this oscillator is a wild experience. 8 hours of research. 4 hours of part sourcing. No build guide. Hard to find parts. Long hours building.

This seems like a really hard thing to do, but in the end if you keep at it you can finish. These are the first 5.5 ours of the build. Basically have a few more parts, the mount, and calibration. It is such a fun process. Thinking about doing a second one after this... Stay tuned for the calibration.




Open Source


BeagleJuice!! Looks insane. Run anything you want on it.