One Fast Transfer

Here we go. The old blog is up, the links are functional, and everything is looking back to normal. I do have to fix walkingstick’ss site next, but this looks a ton better and is a way better way to read through my thoughts and lesson. This site will soon be the center of the training video’s, original music, a place to get remix work, and all in all a way to see what Out of the Bag Artist’s are doing. Hope you like the design. Email me if you need anything or have questions.


Another rendition of the Outofthebag website is under way. Worked till about 1 am last night just getting this blog together and working on some of the main pages. The new code is a ton easier, but getting the content into the page and to work out the spacing is the hardest part. It takes a bunch of time formatting tables and making sure everything looks good once it hits the site. The color scheme may change, but the content will stay. 7:30 now. I work at 10.