4ms Stereo Triggered Sampler


So the sampler is almost finished. Dan and Hugo are working on the last bits of code, and I keep trying to break it (and enjoy it) at the same time. It works just like you would imagine any 4ms gear would, solid, responsive, and cv over every parameter. So far I haven't even thought of reading a manual (there isn't one) because the faceplate is pretty straight forward. Recording is on the front, directly into the module (no need for a cpu), and the file system can have 600 slots accessible, not to mention the NEXT FILE function which can find any sample on the card (or not loaded to a slot).

Banks are color coded to allow the user to organize files per color, and then there are blinks that follow the color system if you need more that 100 slots. It has volt per octave cv tracking and can do it over 4 octaves, but the 4 are solid as far as keeping the sound in tune. You can also edit directly on the module. +12/-12 Db of gain, start length, end length can all be saved after you have recorded the file. Copy and paste from one slot to the other which is neat too for organizing things after you have already sampled.

This module was born out of the idea that you have a bunch of great things in your case, you design some very complex sounds and record them, then you can have those complex sounds and free up your modular to do even more. The other thought is definitely one shots and tracking pitch of sounds. All of this combined with the ability to cleanly record a sound is where this thing is going to be an amazing addition to the modular system.

Should be ready the first week in August.

Moogfest 2017




Pailo @ 4ms Studio




So started building a VCAM and boy, surface mount soldering is pretty great. No need to snip leads off of components. Takes way less time. This has been such an amazing experience building all of these modules. Its a ton of fun, and knowing my time goes into making synths is pretty sweet too.

Ohh yea, and if you have a euro system you need a VCAMatrix for sure.