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This is the past 9 years of BLOGS in the old format


dearth, your band is awsome. listing to the songs you gave me always gives me the chills. you and carlos are some creative kids. seriously there isnt a song on the disk i dont like, and the add of the female vocals rule too. you need to let me play the drums on some of the stuff or at least try. finally ableton certified. i need help writing a profile. think i have one, but its simple. life is making me crazy. moving will do that. found two places. see the last one tomorrow. hopefully i get a garage for the drums. there are about 8 new songs i have been working on. hopefully i can pull them off too during the move. its so much techno. what is going on? maybe since evertyhing is packed except the moog and the prophet. i miss all my old friends. i want you guys to all come have a master jam. with the drums it would be sweet. the apogee is pretty nice too. thats why the new samples sound tight. props to the guitar center guys. the crew has been working hard. thanks ulrich, laura, greg, timo, noah, vince, and jeremy. san fran was a blast. thanks bedford, brian, and ian. you guys always let me crash at your crib in san fran. its the best secret spot. i slept through the day. migrain all night drove me nuts. now i am awake and its midnight. sweet.

i still call this section past journal, but i am going to keep with the tradition of the old site. did this new blog style layout. css props to the people who give out free code. his link is at the bottom of the page. my dog was mad that he didn't get his walk till 11 cause of all the time i put into redoing this sites code. its been about the 20th makeover. to those of you watching, thanks. hope this layout is better and more informative. i found it to have more spots for links, even if the color wasn't the best. its was free too and thanks again. ableton teacher certification this weekend. been studying working like usual. also working on the apc40. i completly love it. just the way i like to play my clips. using multiple at a time, and having almost no boundries in my clip creation process. its whats been needed for some time. going to get the ensemble next from apogee. after listening to guy and dylans samples, its hard to not want one. the price is right too. rosettas are too much with too little features for me. lets see what happens. hope everyone is good.

feburary happens too fast. this year is already flying by. tons of new plans. hope to make a smooth move and make a transition for this label. closer to a great sound. the work is crazy. by june the site will be revamped with the new tunes. this year is going to be hard nose work on good tunes. talking to all the old friends has been cool too. hope everyone is doing well.


crazy things are starting to happen as the economy is tumling. its probably a good time to start a new company. analog. that seems to be the stock i want to buy. creating a new synth. thats fun cheap and easy to use. time to start my new plans.


can't stop thinking every second about sounds. the things we always hear day to day and what they translate into. visions translate as well, but sounds seem to hit you from every direction unlilke sight. another thing is the way vision feels similar to frames, where sound is more fluid like movement. listening to deep sounds like bass with the directions it quivers makes me imagine really crazy things. dont know if there is a way to explain it. my brain and tounge are twisted.


working on cleaning the computer and cleaning the server up. its working really well. next its gonna be new hard drives on the home maching. working on cleaning out the music folders too. the site should now reflect some of the better recordings, some remix work, a live set from gio mo cua, and an album of acoustic works by Pailo. its a taste of everything we harve to offer. myspace for Pailo has turned more electronica for the time being. check out the new stop motion animations on youtube. working on some new art, and the new show dates are up in the event section. the studio has been worked over and the new recording will begin in mid feb.......... any questions or comments mail me.


obama remix is up and kickin. i dig the cuts in it. hope you guys like it. the samples of him are crystal clear. thanks ameoba software for the sampling ability. thanks access for the sweet synths sounds. thanks korg for the drums, and thanks ableton for the ability to let me use my audio editing skills. can't stop thinking. change is upon us. hopefully the reality of change that is honest, and reasonable. its been painful watching this last guy in office and nobody in the press supporting him. similar when palin was found out to be a fraud. bush was a fraud and congress would not stand up to him. that makes no sense.


new synths are fun. been spending tons of time tweaking knobs. sounds pretty sweet. throwing some of the sounds on myspace. if you know anyone who wants files to remix let me know. lots of clean samples from cool synths. more drums sounds would always help me.


happy new year. music is on the agenda for the whole year. hope everyone is safe and happy.


the car companies are crying for help when they screwed the whole thing up themselves. the government would never bail me out if my store failed. its a joke. cars that still only got 20mpg. i mean common. global warming doesn't exist!? thats a load of shit. gas prices spiked and the new tahoe and escalade and excursion kept coming out. i could go on for days about how bad auto companies are. we should be driving 100mpg cars that hold four people. but the technology isn't there....bulls#it. i've seen kids make electric cars thats can get the equivalent 500mpg. there is a lot more possible than people think, especially the big three.


so here at last. new wifi card downstairs brings the computer to the big screen. a huge way to organize your cd, and dvd collection including all the stuff you get from emusic, itunes, and other sites i have been paying for lately. the web is becoming more interesting everyday. more organized information makes you read faster and type faster anyway. here comes another busy christmas. giomocua site will be up soon.


why do people want replications of their own dna? life is getting to that crazy point. the world is going to end because of some bomb. some scientist is going to recreate the big bang and not be able to control it. that is where the miscalculation is going to occur. science is going to the next level everyday. the frontside bus on a cpu has just smashed 1 ghz at the consumer level. things are going to start to get really interesting.


work is really slowing down. things will change, but not too much. the holidays pick up. working on some new songs, and the drums have really been fun. programming and playing. its exciting. some of the last sessions have been pretty smooth too. the piano is opening up a new world of suspended chords and inversions. they keep me on my toes. hands start to feel reversed on my arms.


i can't sleep. too many things going on inside my head. music has been the buzz. drums drums drums. a click track has been all that i hear. earplugs are a must. redoing some tracks, and working on something new for 2009. the new monitors are not bad at all. reorganized, and got the new camera. nikon d60. shold set me till the end of the year. unless i freak out and buy the new macbook at apple. wonder if they give you any money for recycling your old macs. two could get traded in for two macbooks. sounds like a plan. the new ipod touch is too cool. i was having tons of issues at first but have it down now. if anyone is having problems email me.


corporate america. cant stay away from that place. at least i am not the only one. life has been really good to me though. you have to enjoy your job for the better. if you spend that much time there and do it right, then there is really nothing else to do but live in that moment. that is all there is to do in life. home for the first time since nov 2007. should be interesting. facebook is helping me reconnect. that is another great thing about this goofy technology bit. organize your life online :)


dylan's band was sweet. guys can rock it out. tuesday night is like saturday when you have tuesday and wednesday off. cleaned out the computer with my compressor and airbrush. it runs smoother for sure. tons of hairballs and dust floating around. it did not taste very good. next computer is jill's. fix it time too. it needs a new hard drive and some ram. a new screen would help too. speakers tomorrow, and stands. studio revamp. then on to the next pre.


can't tell you anything positive about the economy and the state of internal confusion in the united states. period. nobody agrees with the agenda of the president and vice president. every t.v. show, every comedian rips away, and it still does nothing to solve the problem. evil doers. they made the name that labels themselves. how much money has been wasted in this war? all of these huge banks collapsing. jobs being lost left and right, and where are we now? running into another country! can this stop ever? we solve nothing with war. now we have a place in geneva where we can create mini explosions that mimic the "big bang". someone told me about how they are going to open another dimension. life is insane! mtv sucks. music is alive and well everywhere but on t.v. ouch. this is just a monthly rant. the weekend starts and wanted to vent. thanks. the garbage situation is what makes me wonder the most. in 25 years there is going to be no room for our trash. this is going to be a big problem. IDIOCRACY!


time keeps flying by. its always the hardest part. live has been keeping me busy. networking 10.5 with 10.4 is tough because there are tons of new changes. after hours of banging our heads off the walls it worked. my guess is the live session setting inside the network settings should be off. the only setting you should have connected is personal file sharing and remote login. music has been really intersting with the new melodic minor works. the harmonic minor is also very interesting. its helping bend the modes. instead of 7 its like having 21. though i dont know how to connect the entire scale on all 21. its still pretty easy to figure out if you know where all the notes on the guitar are. hardest part is remembering the 13 new ones :). guitar grimoire helps too.


time seems to fly by more and more, and feeling lost in random thoughts keeps happening. the whole new site was a random thought. thats how anything gets done around here. working on some new things for the media player. also working on a few new drawings. its getting interesting.


woking on the new site layout. have to get the title words resized correctly. other than that i think its a fresh new look. getting back to work after being away is pretty exciting too. the studio has been nice to come back too also. you forget how much you love music when you have not been around your toys. in coming back its time for the new pre's and the bass amp. the drum set is the last piece to the puzzle. mics also.


almost there. vacation is right around the corner. music has been good to me. learning new ways to turnaround chords. key movements. its becoming more clear. more practice with the drums too. it feels good. more ease. less stress. lunchbox work when i get back. a few new mics too. there should be a good new recording by october.


taking a big break from the web like i usually do. it was making me feel crazy, so a break was in need. outofthebag is my favorite thing on earth and its all my work of art. working on it for a while, and working on a solid music resume. thats what makes me motivated in life. my own work. there is going to be a bunch of new music. the new drum room has been really fun. working with scott has been really great too. he has a great setup. i need to put more time in with some friends i have not had time for. that would be great. vacation is around the corner. there will be some updates till then and august will be a good month for recording. fresh........


finally got through the move. was tough and there are still boxes everywhere, but what can you do? lots of space, the lunchbox should be in on the 19th and the hihats will be here the 20th. going to order the tama kick drum on the 25th. birtch bubinga sounds so sweet that it can't be any other way. the kick is gonna cost about 700 alone. plus the two pre's for the lunchie will tally 2000 real quick. must be careful of how much i spend at a time. the good thing with the lunchbox is that you can buy one pre at a time. saves my life. same with the drumset. piece by piece so i dont kill my wallet. i was thinking about red sparkle for the drums. looks real nice.


there are some pre's that look pretty tastey. been thinking about spending some loot and getting the good stuff. i only need about 10 grand. that should be enough :) naaa....


only have a few weeks till the transfer. it will be great. the show went really well on saturday and it makes me happy that there are people with such similar musical tastes here. thats been one of the thing holding me back from being in a band. the mellowness of the playing. the style. the personalities. its great.for the record i have no problems with anyone, people have problems with me.


show tonight, and i bought a new toy for it.


keep playing the style of music you want. even if nobody seems to like it. things change. so does style. the first time i hear an album, i don't ever like it. then it grows on me.


this year is flying by. more music on the way, and way more links. just can't stop the links. they are fun and sometimes make no sense. this site is my entire blog. wonderful worldwideweb. today was good for me because fix a flat worked. that saves me some time and money. new tires are on thier way. that sucks cause its 300 dollars that i don't want to spend. all these alligations of government scandal are making me dizzy. why hasn't anything been done? questions cause confusion. that's why i bought these!!!!LANDROLLERS!!! holy fun. it feels like freedom. william wallus.


so facebook is kinda dumb and cool all at the same time. there is a show this saturday, pearl st co-op. we play. it should be great. walkingstick flies in tomorrow. things look better, and easter means no work. my new ibook is rocking. life in the studio world could ot be better. vacation in july will be great, and hopefully brandon and jacking in august. this year is flying by, and i dont know what to do. there is tons of news and really nothing to write about. i fear we will go to war and the election will mass everthing we do in iraq and iran in the next eight months. that is a real bummer.


sinus pressure hurts. lots of crazy stories in the news. dont know what to point out. war, money, corruption. all of the things going on today and the news bending it out of shape so people dont understand whats going on. i think the president is going to go to war without the american people knowing. its coming and they are using the new election to hide what they are doing for the next ten months. there has been some really bad stuff. people in other countries dont want our money anymore. this is a really bad sign.


steller day here in the studio. have both macs on a LAN and working fine with synced between the two. they start and stop together in real time, and the samples are meshed great. the only thing i have not troed yet is audio over the line. i wonder what would be better? running the slaved ibook audio into the motu or to take the sound over LAN. there is this crazy free AU called netsend and i have no idea what it does, but it may be the ley to sending audio from one live to the other live via ethernet. this has been a huge week for learning. this needs to happen more often. guess its time to open the music books up and start learning new theory. that would go well with the new tricks in live. one will be the drum station and the other will be synth and guitar. the other cool this is the midi from the drums and micron run through the ibook and they still get read on the g5. its like i am in a dream. SWEEEEET!!!!


they dont want us to have our privacy. america is the land of the free. watch out cause i know here in texas every corner has a camera. all their money went to exxon mobile!!


do you think positive change can happen? i would hope so.public transportation should be on everyone's mind in a major city. that would save money in many ways and cut down on haze in the city. people need to change. i want a car that gets 100 mpg. its just a dream. even a solar powered car. here in texas, it's possible. the car could charge all day long. sxsw is coming. there are major changes going on at work. lets hope they are for the best. there are tons of new links up, my brain ranting. you can send me an email if you have any comentshere. i fly to la for two days, should be pretty cool.


you cant patent that!! i'm glad i didnt buy that new drive for my xbox. how is this for depressing (ouch)? people we should take down.


so i am choosing soundclick to first hold singles for people to buy. seems like a good idea. this is a good time to talk about the rally here for obama. it was packed. voting would be a good idea if ron paul had a fighting chance. it seems bleak. its like how we are still trying to get out of iraq. seems like it will never happen. my news is better than cnn.


i have been getting political lately.sorry i cant help it with the way the world is today people have to speak up. even if its in my little corner, i try. there are so many things to point out online its gonna take me everyday to really maintain this. so much twisted stuff. Non Violent Resistance To Evil Genocide


people in this world are great but we really need to change the way things are working. all these cars that get less than 21 mpg. the first model t by ford the original car got 21 mpg. here we are 100 years later and people drive cars that getless than 10 mpg. what is wrong with this picture. oil is 100 a container and its because of who is in charge. exxon mobile posted its first quater earnings at 11 billion dollars. who is in charge of these prices? i wonder? duhhhhh. read the last rant for more on pure stupidity.


I wasn't going to get political but here we go: Hybrid Car Project Wasting Taxpayers' Money, Group Claims By Michael Betsch Editorial Assistant October 02, 2001 ( - The federal government has spent more than $800 million since 1993 to develop a "super car" capable of traveling 80 miles on one gallon of gasoline. Although funding for the hybrid car program has been matched by the Big Three U.S. automakers, critics say it's time for the government to scrap the program and stop wasting taxpayer money. The taxpayer watchdog group Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) says automakers Ford Motor Co., General Motors Corp. and Daimler-Chrysler Corp. should start picking up the tab for the "Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles" (PNGV) project, which has already cost $1.6 billion, half of which was paid by the nation's taxpayers. Former Vice President Al Gore and representatives of the Big Three automakers formed the PNGV in 1993. Over the past eight years, the goal has remained the same - develop a car that has three times better fuel economy than that of 1994 vehicles without sacrificing roominess, range, comfort or speed. David Williams, vice president for policy at Citizens Against Government Waste, said the $814 million spent on the failing PNGV program by the government "is just blatantly corporate welfare." At a cost of over $100 million per year, Williams commented, the automakers have failed to develop a "super car" that does not run on diesel. Strict U.S. emissions standards and the massive cost overruns (the current cost estimate for the hybrid prototype is six times what was originally projected) have delayed the project, which was due to be completed by 2004. Williams also asserts that there wouldn't be much of a future for the program "if the tax dollars were taken out of it." The Big Three, he contends, are not going to build a production hybrid car if there is not a desire for "this sort of vehicle." Ford, General Motors and Daimler-Chrysler have each produced hybrid concept cars, but they are not affordable to their target buyers and run on diesel that does not meet U.S. emissions standards. The Bush administration has apparently realized that the goal of producing an 80-mpg-gas-electric hybrid prototype by 2004 is unlikely. The administration has proposed a 28 percent cut in the PNGV program's $139 million budget for 2002. Administration officials hope the $39 million cut will encourage the Big Three's partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to utilize fuel-efficient technologies in the production of all types of vehicles, including the oft-maligned sport utility vehicle. All three automakers plan to introduce SUVs and light trucks with hybrid gas-electric engine technology based on that of the PNGV program's "super car" within the next three years. Regardless of the new direction and proposed cuts to the PNGV program, Williams still contends the Bush administration must "communicate to the DOE that the program is not a priority," contrary to the hopes and dreams of the "Al Gores" of the world.


scary watching these new people try to be our new president. its gonna be different thats for sure. they all confuse me when they talk because nobody ever answers a question. all the debating aside there has never been one solid answer for a question. they attack each other and make no coherent sense. its similar to me, but far worse because i can actually give an answer. i have been extremely sick which completly stinks. lots of sleep. about 16 to 18 hours a day and normally i sleep about 5. there are going to be a few song updates and i have been waiting for my cd. crazy. there are gonna be some new pictures put up too in the slideshow so be on the lookout for that. i bought an xbox 360. best thing i ever did for my lcd tv. its like really being in the game. strongly recommend skate from ea. its the most challenging fun. forza 2 WAHOOOO!!!!


today was great working with 10.5 on a new imac. those things are sweet.


getting sick is the worst. making new tracks in live 7 and having a blast. i hope everyone who got a copy for christmas is happy. its well worth it.scott is going mac in the studio which is great for us in workflow. and the new mac address is next tuesday.


this season has kicked the crap out of me. we are still busy at the store and will be till the end of january. just really wanted to record again. it will happen in the next few days. i get tuesday and wednesday off which should be great. just really havent made something in my studio. maybe when i turn it on again. three days away from the mac is a ton for me. its just the break i need sometimes. happy new year.


getting all the presents you wanted when you never really wanted anything is the best. this should happen more often. big ups to dc for recording with me, and to brandon and bedford for believing in ableton. it is the best and i hope you guys the best fun on earth. jill you should really start to play the guitar. you already beat me in guitar hero and i play guitar everyday. mario galaxy is awsome too. brandon and jackie, i hope you are well. mom and dad you two are always rocking out too. mercedes, nick, and nick, thanks for everything this holiday. you guys made it feel like warm family holidays. thats what i needed this christmas after all the work i have been doing. to the rest of my family and friends, have a great year. my hand will cramp if i talk to everyone. hit me up. mail is the best way.


all of my christmas shopping was done a week ago. now i just watch all the last minute people going crazy. the holidays are a time for happiness and patients all of which leave the american people every year. something i never understand about people. this is a time to mellow out and think about family and friends, not to drive your suburban like a jag-off :)


happy birthday mom!!


jill took me bowling and it was a blast. thanks for all the gifts and fun. working on some new tunes. keeping busy. the holidays are going to be crazy. life in retail. i will come back to reality january 5th. thats my prediction.11-22-07
seeing so many people using the ipod touch with open source. it looks cool, but i dont know the stability of these systems, on top of if apple updates 1.1.3 and bricks all the people that have the open source, they are screwed. is apple gonna even make their own apps you can buy? i wouldn't see why not. everyone obviously wants that. just thinking out loud. the touch looks good. i have had two bad screen out of the box though. buying through best buy and getting the pg is the smartest thing to do for anyone. happy turkey day to all. bless all the indians.


lessons have been really well. i saw vista in full musical action lastnight. looks clean and clear, but it does act funny with its sound drivers. especially when switching the driver in the control panel. cubase also looks very nice on it. the new gui has a much richer color scheme. i guess its all the time bill gates has been spending on a mac. :) just a thought. beta testing of live 7 is going pretty well too. its a long process and they switch the app almost every three days. i like finding problems and talking about it with other people. sharing ideas rule.


time is flying by. the end of 2007 is coming up. really can't believe it. the new ipod touch is really a nice mp3 video player. have had trouble with two already. i may leave the money as credit on account until the third gens come out. not to sure. definitly going to buy the insurance on that. who knows? finishing up some new music and will have the music page updated in the next week or two.


got the new ipod touch for the birthday. made my site a little more user friendly for those folks. it needs flash support. kinda makes me mad. all the flash stuff is blank on most websites. like music players and things like that dont even exist. i need to find a fix for that. got rid of some songs the other day too with some friends and it makes me feel really good. making music and making a living from it is a must. small steps.


work can sometimes make you crazy. though i love having something to do. strange as it feels in my mind, i never stop working ever. seamless. life and work woven into one blur. do we ever stop to take time out. out of a busy life to think hard, and pause............... breathe deep. feel it. it feels good to be alive. people fighting wars, tides turning, things changing. just feel it while you can. amazing. life is amazing. hope you like the tunes.


time has been flying this year. all my friends and family visiting......good times. working hard in the studio. more new stuff. dont know if i like it or not. just having fun. thats all that matters.


the mac has been acting really funny in response to me bragging. thats what i get for acting goofy. been learning a ton of new music thoughts from ron and dave and eric. i can't thank you guys enough for learning and practicing with me. especially when you guys teach me. it makes my sound and head expand. i can't say enough how truly greatful i has been good, feels a little slow with the new warehouse coming and october being a jump start to the "season". what a wild ride. austin is great too. acl this year seeing bjork made me really happy. so did lcd soundsystem, blonde redhead, gotan project, and bela fleck. it was great to see brandon and jackie. all kinds a stuff. the new virus rack is pretty sweet to. thanks scott on that find. i use it in the background right now in songs. it will slowley get lead parts as i learn its strong points. it takes me a minute in the studio when i get some gear. it cant just be throuwn in. I have to listen to a new instrument and find where its sweet spots are to me. all a part of why i love toys. especially musical toys.


i dont want to brag but, i cloned my hard drive today. what a beautiful thing. took all the info from one drive and totally replicated it onto another drive. i am going to buy two more drives. one external, one internal and make two more clones. anything ever goes wrong i just pop in the double and bamb. seriously at 114 apps, and most high end audio that takes me two days to install the software if i sit there all day for both days working. at least 6 hours. plus all these new icons. here is a great icon mac link.


nice day. been swimming a ton. something i love to do. it reminds me of when i was young at the pool with my mom and leigh. fun times. got a 259 gb hard drive for 70 bucks. my computer is so much faster now that i have the clutter clear. logic is finally working too. seems like it didnt't want to work for the first three days. then i reinstalled it later today and it worked. it was acting really funny. i will figure out the whole program in a few weeks. i know its hard but the book i am reading is great for quick guidelines and environment setups. apple makes some really great things.


time lapse. i can't seem to figure out where the time goes. another week of work which is making me tired. focusing less on my music everyday. though the new dub is pretty nice and smooth. haven't tracked the solo yet. it will be up in the next week. thanks youtube for the videos. its kinda corny but i like it. thanks to all my new friends in austin. this year is great again. acl is going to be great too. austin city limits. i got tickets to friday. bjork, bela fleck, the killers, queens of the stone age, and some other people too. i better be alert! a lot for one day. been a while since i have seen any show. i work and sit in the studio all the time looking for the perfect jam.


its been a while. taking a break making new music and working with a few bands. austin life has been really good. work is great. all the people there have made my transition great with how open they have been and how good the music has been. never saw this coming in my life. you never do though. there is nothing that will ever let you know how choices effect you. they always will. i mean there are common sense parts to life, duh! but when you choose to move, or start a new routine that is something that will change you, but in ways you cannot predict. the sun is out and i replanted a bunch of my bonsai yesterday. feels good that they are taken care of. looking at a few new ones but i am going to wait to buy any more till we move to a house. i will have the sweetest bonsai garden. it makes me feel good having all those plants. they look so unique. i am going to revamp all my songs on myspace and have been working on a flash player for brians site. i will have a new one too. i just have to code mine different, and it took me like a week to do the code for the other one. xspf files are a new type of playlist file online that i dont understand. well now i do but it took me a minute. blah blah, aunt beth is a grandma now! dorthy is a mom now! this is crazy. life will always be ever changing. thats why art is ever changing.


played at flipnotics tonight. really nice little coffee shop. food was great and so was the coffee. had a really good time playing with audiopium. really free, and it formed pretty tight jams for space dub. it as hard to hear the monitor but i still a great test run of the handsonic live. i need a bit better of an amp. that would really help.


i realize now why i stay up till 3am working on this stuff. the remake has been finished. if you see a problem on this site email me @ i dont see one other than not being able to go back to the music or film page after watching a film except for pushing back in your browser. hmmm. confusing. probably because the java code isn't clicking with the flash text. hmmmm. things that make you go hmmmmm.


re-doing the website is always a blast. i felt simplicity and organization was the best bet for 2007. clean art is always in style. hope you like the ability to download all the songs in the music section for now. every once in a while i like to give something to everyone. the new pictures added have been a collection i have been keeping. there are still a ton more. when the new hard drive comes i will have a load of stuff to add to the site. new virus tracks on the way. house remixes and some dnb. gonna start a new project and remix it throughout the year. by the end a new album will happen and you can say you heard it through all of its stages (as difficult as that may be!). thanks for checking out the new stuff. dont forget site. that site is packed with tons ofgood things. i always forget how much i dig the pailo mainpage. simplicity and cleanliness mixed with art. my music is simple yet structured and so are my sites. ocd.


2007 is here. been working hard to get logic certified, and train for ableton and reason certifications as well. there has been a good amount of change with the move. life here has been good and the study of new midi setups keeps my attention. the virus has been great and the new ideas through the handsonic have kept me happy with the drum setup. this year, making music is going to be a good adventure. i have been eating a lot better too. so everything has been a positive change. no real new years resolutions, its been a steady change over a year long period. that was pretty tough, but worth every second.

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past journal

basically christmas came too quick. i worked all december and bought a new couch for the house. music has never been more fun to create. to all of my new friends, i say thank you for everything. it has been the best time of my life. moving has made me a new person and its very enjoyable. exploring yourself is a great thing to do. look forward to change. it can lead to fresh ideas, and new feelings. also i have have learned that no resolution can change you like the course of a year in your lifetime.


so i'm gonna try and make this cd work. make about 200 copies and see if people buy any. this is going to be a good start. going to buy the yamaha hs50m. that should be really cool too. ohh and forgot, gonna try some t-shirts. they will have some of the designs from the website.


this page is getting out of control but it really is the backup of the site. I bought a virus c desktop from access and it makes really cool noises. my new favorite toy. i have to add parts of the new album. brandon is on some of it, three tracks. my first album where someone really helped with the collective. see i can work with other people. i want to buy a new mic but i have to wait till i pay some stuff off.


the 4th was cool. got to see tons of fireworks. brandon and jackie came too and we ran around. it was a great time. food in texas is great and when anyone comes to visit we eat like royalty. there is definitely something different about living down here. food and restaurants are part of it but the taste is influenced heavily by mexico and i love it. life has so many different things to offer. greg bennett was a really cool cat. he can play the guitar great, and he is a very intelligent person too. great meeting him. made me think different about my role at work.


work was ok lastnight. didnt sell as much as i would have liked. wrote some new songs this week, and have felt really good playing like some things have really clicked. making up little reminders and things to remember all the new ideas. its tough i have tons. moms visit went well, and brandon and jackie are coming and i cant wait. the pool the sun. fun.


my car horn is broke and i cant make any noise!


this week at gc was pretty good. i have it well. the move went perfect, jill's parents are helping out so much, and life here in austin has been really nice. i want to start playing music out, but i have been taking my time finding a band to play in. i just dont want to throw anything together. it has to be solid with good people and positive music influence. i want happy music that makes people dance and love life. that is the key.


put auralex in the studio today. sounds way more damp, and looks pretty neat all over the walls. the new g5 is realy fast too. i cant wait to get komplete 3. its in the mail. ohh how excited i am. a little impatient, but good things come to those who wait. i have been rewiring the reaktor 5 demo into ableton for new synth sounds and i love it already just with the demo. when i can make my own sounds and load my own samples into it things are going to get really crazy.


saw benevento russo duo last night and had a great time. they killed it and played a few jams i could recognize. they have a type of energy that i cannot explain. met some really cool people there too. stubbs!!!


been checking out the scene in austin and the city is pretty cool. dig all the venues and the constant live music. something always going on. work is well too. all the people there are great, and i'm happy i stayed with guitar center through out this change in my life. they helped to make it possible.


never thought i would be here, but all the stuff is unpacked (except for the wardrobe) thats the last piece. all has gone well on the move, the weather is great, and working out is fun. i like to excersie because it gives me shit to do. the rant on the first page is very true also. i love the new NI stuff. all sounds really great. i'm a huge fan of synths and working with software because in the long run it saves you time and money and space. all the random things i produce for the most part are based in a computer world. i think thats what is interesting.


packing all of your stuff makes you realize that time goes by and people collect a ton of crap. cleaning is the good thing though. i rid the clutter. 22 hours to druve ahead, and about 6 or 7 states to cross. really i cant wait to have a pool at my new place. i haven't swam since i was a kid. we would go all of the time me and my mom and sister. that used to be the shit. we would spead most of our summers at the pool. now austin will be warmer year round so i can swim a lot more. its my favorite excersise. we also have a weight room, and that should mean a bit more fitness in my life. money will be one key issue, but i have a bunch saved and it should be ok. austin and pittsburgh have about the same cost of living. we get the net as soon as we get there so i can update about the trip. i want a new mac and it cost 4000!! fungoul.


i have some type of flu, which sucks, and i saw jake yesterday which was great. i hope i get a chance to see everyone before i leave. things are going to be so different. the weather, the bars, and the whole idea of a younger city. this should be nice. all the festivals, and the desert being close. exciting.


saw eric johnson with jill. we loved it. he plays so sick. arpeggio master. the rest of his band is great also. austin is such a nice place. i think it will be a nice change of pace. we have a new place, and being in a new town makes life more interesting.


today is a relaxing day. been reading a bunch of music and actually learning to sight read. i thought it would be harder but when you start with a beginner book it makes it a hell of a lot easier to study. i have been playing for 18 years, so i have that part down. its actually teaching yourself new things thats interesting. its hard to teach an old dog new tricks. i get stuck in practicing certain ways. gotta break the mold.


you better get your ass to and buy our new record. i'll be mad if you dont. my production skills on mastering. these guys can all write some sick tracks!


bought the gibson es-333 today. super happy with my purchase. i can feel years of playing ahead with this guitar. a great guitar really does sound, play, and feel better. its almost a cosmic feeling when you play an instrument that has such great sound.


learned free man in paris today. an old song by joni michelle. my mom loves that stuff. i think thats why i'm really into the guitar. some of my first memories of music was listening to joni.


played some today and wrote a really nice riff. been reading the mantooth book. deep book with tons of good things in it. all jazz and things i was never really taught.


Work is finally back to normal and it doesn't seem hectic anymore. i enjoy the calm. getting ready to move too and that is a very exciting thing. new places with new things. sounds like fun.


today has been a morning on the internet. no work for two days, which may hurt my sales, but i need to take a rest. i figure i can sneak in for a couple of hours each night and make some money. but i might just stay away. the boss gs-10 i just bought is pretty fun. i use it on screen with my mac, and run the guitar effects visually setting up the box, and dumping it usb. it works really fast and sounds great. the only thing is im having issuses with my motu 828 because of the gs-10 being pluged in usb. i didnt think that would have an effect on firewire but? hmmmmmm. computers have so many little glitches. lately my mac has been taking a few seconds to start. i think cause my hard drives are almost filled. 120 gbs filled. i need a faster storage drive, like 400 gbs. would that rock. i could work for a full year and never burn one cd, listen to all the stuff and them make an album. thats my next idea.


workin as usual runnin da guitar center. honestly its one of the coolest places i have worked, and the people are all great. i learn so much from everyone there it makes me feel so good. my music level keeps rising too. thats because i'm surrounded by people who like playing as much as me.


another year. thanks jill for the wonderful dinner, and all the gifts. got some really great things this year. My favorite would be the new monk and coltrane live cd. i love how it makes me feel when i hear them play jazz. its spirtual or something. cosmic.


went out to the mills mall and had a blast yesterday. the people there were super nice, accept for the booth people. The mall is huge and is really clean. still been working on brians new jam. sounding better every day. 64 bit mastering is great. makes a huge difference. what took me two months takes me two weeks. technology is nuts.


zzzzzz. so i work straight from tomorrow till wednesday with no time off. it should be a great learning experience for me. i'm always learning at work lately and its been a new thing. i just nee to have more confidence. finished college, thats the hard part.


wrote a wreckin new tune yesterday and i will put it up in a minute. got some funny samples and a good overall sound. life has been exciting with work and all and i have been going out a bunch more now that i only work one job. two jobs take up so much more of your time. at least now i can go out late at night and not have to wake till 10 am. its like a whole new world. may start a new night with dnb, i have to talk to some people and see. sounds like a good idea.


Last night was the first night i closed the store. a bit nervous, but it worked out well. good times. musically i have been learning the sweeps technique on the guitar, and composite II scales. i get more speed when picking with a thicker pick and can turnaround faster. the chords have been getting larger, but i need to look into a nice jazz book.


another crazy day. christopher is off to harrisburgh, and more change for me. i like change. its a bit nerve racking, but i have been waiting for a great chance to make something happen. here's to hard work.


wow november already. cant believe what is going on at work. change is a coming and theres nobody to stop it. i like change and it said good things in my horoscope about change so i'm all about it. if you make it something to be scared about you'll never move on to the next part of your life and you may get stuck. trying not to but i feel stuck now. moving would be the greatest thing. its not because i hate the city i'm in, i need something to be different. been making new tunes, will post the new stuff up either tomorrow or wednesday. the new news section on the front will get bigger. its time to get back into the web for a bit. time to start playing more. my boy just had a baby, and there are all kinds of things bouncing around.


this has been a while but the site is being reorganized and i put a new tune or two out. the new music has been really exciting for me and i have been playing and practicing with some amazing people. it has been great working for guitar center and working with tons of really nice equipment. the people have helped out loads too. i really want to thank everyone for putting up with my shit, especially jill and my family. to all my friends too thanks. i'm looking forward to timmys halloween party, and jills costume is all f*&^% up, so i dont know whats gonna happen there. i may have to buy her a new one. there are probably none left because of how close it is to halloween. i love this time of year though. i will be writing more tunes, not that i dont write enough. i write about 15 songs a week. i never did that much. ableton has been helping change my work flow. adios amigos.


haven't been online since i moved, and have been working two jobs all summer. been pretty productive musically which is suprising for the summer. really i'm just mastering. i played out a bunch for six weeks with neil and ryan. that was too much with all the work and us never rehersing. i feel like my spelling is getting worse the older i get. it sucks. need to update some things so you can hear what i have been working on. more updates in the next few days. peace.


got a new job, working hard selling drums. its fun, and great experience with musical instruments. my days go by fast, and i have a ton more energy at the end of my days to work on my music. I have two days off finally. That will end in march because of guitarmagedon. whooppiiii! ha. people can get good deals, and the drums i have been ordering are sweet. cant wait to see more colors of kits. drums are the best therapy.


today was really cold and i was out in it. so much fun. hope the new year was good. got the info back for my album. should be ready soon for everyone. i keep waiting. things will come in due time.


its amazing how long this site has been up. i never thought it would be this way. a place to lay my music, and enjoy my thoughts and ideas. To everyone who helps and supports, Thanks. Hope you enjoy what i make. take time in your life and listen to nick drake. it makes you think. there are some of my movie clips enjoy the new year.


ive either been too tired to move or too busy sleeping because of all of the work i have been doing. fina;;y had the energy to do the update in flash with the things i want. i have a few more things to do to the site, but after 1 error this has been the smoothest upload yet. i cant wait to let you hear some of the new songs, and i really cant wait for the shopping cart to be done. its will all be ready in a couple of weeks. i have some time on my hands now that i dont have a job. i can work on the site and my music 100% for some cash. christmas will be rough this year. i gotta make things happen here in the studio. a lot of the work is easier in os 9 a buggier system but i can use it so much better. i produced brians new track in os x and it worked out fine. i just record the guitars better in 9 with all the vst's running. got the new stick of memory up to about a gig of ram. its pretty quick, but os x shows me how slow i really am. keep your head up.


workin on some new tunes right now. thinkin a bunch about the next group of songs to get published, and how much it will cost. i keep tryin to find ways to save up more because i want this ready for jan 1, 2005. money sucks


Vacation was fun in the sun and so was seeing the east coast. i was really happy. some stupid shit went down but u get that sometimes. music is making me really happy. finally got the rights back for the bucket. those songs arent far behind, and i have to send out as much work as possible in 2005 to get it back by the end of the year. i'm gonna try and spend another 300 bucks and copyright another batch of songs. then through the year i may go into a real studio and make something that has some substance.


so i leave in three days. hahahahahahahaha. my favorite time of the year where i drink, travel, meet, and explore the outside world around me. i love it. probably because i need things in my head so i can write some interesting new music. on the plus side i will be leavingin with 400 in spending cash, and a very nice new car. god i love when things come together. on the way back i'll be broke and sunburned, but it will all be well worth it. just the smell of the beach changes everything for me. when the night comes around i'm inside where the bugs cant destroy me. we got a bunch of fire works too. this is wild. new singles on the way (when i get back).


mmmm summer. this feels great. i leave in ten days and i have i toons so arranged and organized i feel psycho. i can listen to music so much easier now though. love that feeling. i hope everyone is enjoying the weather. studio work has become more focused and i have the new hard drive. 80 gigs. the next one is the 160 so ill have 240. kinda leaves me more space to create. thats what works. space can only lead to more work. i had about 6 gigs left and i felt so jammed like nothing was gonna come about because there was no space left. i guess its a psychlogical problem of mine. the computer seems to bog down too when there is way too much on it. big ups to bbq's.


recorded standards for the first time. like the ocerall sound idea. i think it needs some live drums. i might work on that on sunday, just layin drumlines and mess around in recycle or reason till i find something meaty. i need more agressive drums now. the old ones seem calm and very organized and i want sloppy and loose now. it would change the sound totally.


MMW never let me down with the jams. sweet. diggin it. one of my favorite shows of the summer. free too.


wilco was good, i had fun with everyone. nice things at the arts festival. stuff costs a little much, but i do like the feel of all that creativity in one spot. the graf was sick to.


it feels like i'm drained of any creativity. i think its cause my hard drive is filling up and i feel pressure. i need to get a new one now. at least 80 gigs. i need so much more. but nowadays a gig is about a buck seventy five. in the early eighties it was 108, 234 dollars. wtf! now people talk about tera-bytes. is that the word i dunno. the site needs an update, and its making me nuts too. i got an idea. i'll come back when my brain is right and the site had the update.


brain is bubblin.


the album is getting copyritten now and it should take three months, but the copies are gonna be ready in the next two weeks, which is a really cool thing. we'll see how people react. i hope good. been working hard on the next set of releases. tough trying to change, but its the only thing left to do.
walking down the dusty road no one is at home its empty and all have gone theres no one to help you move along watch the fate passage of days things always change for a better or worse dissarray the cobwebs are spread through your head and your wondering what the hell you said in the back of your mind will a new star ever shine the path is never straight blacks and the greys a world surrounded by strange things you can erase yea.... you wonder why you work so hard and theres no one but some god to pull your card aces and kings all around but you know theres a chance to take the crown steps are far away you can walk and take a piece of the pie a piece of life you wonder you always the cobwebs dont bother asking i'm fine this sort of thing happens all the time the more you look the less you see there used to be me time moves so fast always wanting everything to last but it changes again i cant find where you've been try not to look this time she's the only thing worth searching ill find i let her slip through my hands never wanted to become a man time moves so fast always wanting everything to last but it changes again i cant find where you've been ohh i admit that i'm in love with you all the other girls cant love me like you do cause i'm in loe, so in love with you ohh i admit there's nobody to fill your shoes with all the searching i'm just paying dues cause i'm in love, so in love with you ohh would time stop when i'm in your eyes if only this could last as long as the earth and sky cause i'm in love, so in love with you i wanna be freee i wanna be safe i wanna be here tomorrow wide open walkin down your street keep your eyes open who will you meet i was told went to say hello i want to see you and nobody knows walk around much not for a purpose want to meet you and i cant myself for being this way everyday i'm sorry i stare at you and i cant see why you dont look to maybe you are and i'm just dumb dont wanna say this i want to have some fun fun to be with i wont be in your way any day if id meet you i'd be so happy i would sing my song to you everyday walk around much not for a purpose want to meet you and i cant myself for being this way everyday all songs and lyrics copywrite outofthebag 2004 "Modern Tradgedy" by Pailo. no unauthorized reproduction or sales.


the music has been put on paper with the lyrics and the sheets will be ready to go to the library of congress for copywrites. its a strange but good feeling. i have been working really hard on this for the last seven years, and i have it all ready. the next one will seem smoother i'm sure, but you have to learn things your own way. i can read well and its a good idea to copywrite all my music for my sake.


my journal has been whack and i really haven't noticed i guess cause i have been so freakin busy its rediculous. sometimes its fun but i forget about what all of this is about. i have been recording so much and thinking about the weirdest things. got all of the new elliottsmith recordings from live shows at his website you should really go check all of that out. he's not around anymore so you should pay your respects. hmmmmmmm life has been oh so very changing. one minute i go one step into another more nible step. learning all sorts of synthetic scales, this has been quite an adaptive style for my playing. more midle eastern i dunno. it sounds a bunch deeper. i just wish i could learn all of the patterns quicker. its hard to control your fingers and you mind at the same time and remember all of the positions.


the last day of feburary and its been wild. new things all over the city cause the weather is breaking. people gotta get on it. i need some work, and i have been working a ton. fall alseep before i can do anything. the new jam space is tight and i'm having a blast. nice.


the hardest things in life never come easy. workin on art is especially frustrating because its never easy. even if you have tallent its the hardest thing in the world to make everything fall into timing in the right place. sometimes i can make it seem easy even in the studio, but its taken me years to make my mind this focused, and this trained to playing for "recording situations". i dont always take the right path, i dont always play the right things, and i definitly dont say all the right things, but i make each moment count and learn leaps and bounds through every session. make everything you do count while you live, and love doing it.


so i finished this hot ass mix. its gonna make people move and i know it. shits on point, and i have been really concentrating hard on jungle. people have been influencing me so much and its one of the best genres of music in my opinion. if your a person who makes tracks for a living you appriciate it even more. big ups to walkingstick, oscar da grouch, my aberdeen peeps (tez, jedi, bassmonkey, davey, biomechanoid) all the jungle riddim kids, aquasky, ez-rollers, tech itch, congo natty, tommy knockers, crylic, ratio recordings, frontline, depth, chroniclogic, total xperience, all "the new" hyper vinyl kids, 412 dnb, faith in dnb, zon & hat, sfj, all the crew on otb, johnquest, singine, and everyone else i didnt mention in this blast of shout outs.


money would be great now, but the cd is still coming along for the fed 7 release. 100 copies and see how it goes. maybe people will like it. i already do. who knows. definitly different. honestly i like snow. its great. i'm sellin snocones two for five.


after a ton of work in the studio i found out some pretty interestin techniques. i think a deep track is on the front lines of the brain, and i'm just waiting for the right second to finish.


been making new tunes, but not allowing anyone around to hear much. waiting for the new c d to get printed. thats the end of jan, and everything should hopefully fall into place. i still really like the cd there are a few changes, but the takes all turned out really well, and no cutting and pasting.


inside i battle with the one self i who know not what i think but of occurances interactions others.


takin some songs down addin some of the 2004 things. maybe a day or two before everything is normal but overall the song quality will be louder and sound better. gimme a few days.


so in five months i have constructed about a hundred songs in reason. not too bad. there have been about five other songs that have been pretty serious from the guitar, and two made the new album. it should go into print sometime this weekend, and be back the following week. this is a pretty exciting time, and hopefully people will respond well. hope the site looks better.


beein doin my writing in myspace for a minute. Gifted was great. I talked to carlos and he helped me out with thoughts i was having in my head. studying a ton of music, and finding it hard to put it all in the right place. its overwhelming even for me, and i have been studying hard for the last 10 years. time is changing me in ways i could never imagine. loving the way the world turns but hating the way time begins to fly even faster every day for me. it will never stop moving and it suprises me how much every little bit matters. it all matters. every little bit. i hope everyone enjoys this time of year. time for change. oh and my track entered # 51 on the soundclick charts. i'm pretty happy.


to anyone who read this i have a new track for 2004 ready to come out. its an acoustic piece, a little on the depressing side, but it has great quality. finally starting to make the productions tight.

dont bother asking hope you like it.
"things are gonna change, i can feel it."


26 years deep. life is an ocean. swim while you can. happy turkey munchin, and to my veg friends happy non-turkey munchin. just snow already i wanna ride some fresh powder. to my leaders of the new school, check the revamp online. diggin it i hope.


i can see it in everyone's eyes when we play. that feeling like space is empty and there you are floating above a cloud of music. the sound keeps lifting and you feel your body come around to full turn and you spin in a circle perfectly as the rest of your limbs gentally move with the rest of you body. as the shound crashes again you remember another past jolt of expression and feeling and it all comes back around. nothing like it in the world.


spinin records makes me the happiest person sometimes. the way the bass beats when you scratch and the sound of blending things together. its just perfect sometimes. i wish i got paid for bustin my ass and spending all my money and time on records. wanna move to a place where they pay me for my work so i can focus more on it than on something manual. music is my life and it needs to be my profession.


MMW what else can i say but another one of the rare jazz performances of the year around here. you don't here music like that here very often. i feel honored. i saw some people too that made me really happy.


Ross you rule. i had a blast drinkin with you and everyone else. it was a good time. i can't wait till wednesday. we open for sporadic, its all good.


lastnight was fun. the most fun i've had at a club in a real long time with techno, company has lots to do with it too. tim and ted know how to hold it down. their mixing was supurb, and the track selection is always on. diggin it. still holdin back, and the shows around the corner. i gotta just let the music come out naturally. i'm definitely feeling the band though. its going better than i could have ever expected. wednesday is going to be real fun. ohh forgot to mention free drinks from 10:30-11. crazyness.


MMW got canceled and that just about sucks but i might check out the albany show because i would hate to miss another year of one of my favorite bands. this cold weather change has made me ill, but its helping with sleep. the new track is on its way to being published, and then it has to go through BMI which means nothing but time.


this was honestly a good monday. most definitely. its gonna take some time for the first ep to become published but i have accepted that. the new band stuff is coming together really well. lets hope this all keeps moving forward. as for the site seems like everthing is working well. the flash is in development. i'm still having some latency figuring out all of the motion parameters. keep falling into a rhythm of senseless babble. needs to be meaningful, yet a fun overall experience.


luke, thanks for the jam session man. sounded tight. we gotta keep it up and work on making songs. it sounds like we have three already, and we can make them last a sweet amount of time. thats the best part, the extended flow of sound that just keeps on pouring out of instruments. like light shineing from a light, or water from a river. nonstopthought.


Mars Volta kicked some ass. well wicked show. i suggest seeing it sometime because you will love it. emotional rock with a jam twist. its twisted hearing a band jam heavy psych rock that works. it really mixes together well, and the only problem i saw was i couldn't hear all of the instruments eually over the guitar. but other than that it was a demonstration of deep study in chromatic runs, and whole tone scales.


honestly i think i finished the first track for BMI. i'm gonna send it to the copywrite office friday and follow through with all of the legalities. this is gonna take about five months but here goes nothing. the first outofthebag ep is going to release in 2004. i'm pretty excited.


October already....BRRRRRR. im cold and sniffles are everywhere. what a day. workin so hard time sometimes passes to fast to realize that your even alive. i honestly hate that shit, but ohh well. life has you wound in ways you could never believe, and thats the funny part. you think so much and inside there is that passion to get a job done. i work on music to get through "real life". thats how i deal with everything in the world and in my own world. it can almost always be said through music. another weird thing hit me today which has been true forever MATH DOES EVERYTHING!!! EVERYTHING IS DONE WITH MATH!!!! the most universal language on the universe is math. how far you drove how much you ate how much paint you used and the number of times you moved a brush. need i go on this could get old really fast. it was really fun thinking about it but everything has to do with math. i'm rambling.


last night was pretty funny. watching the battle over smartie and tony. obviously smartie can't match a record and his scratching wasn't too impressive. I'm not saying that i'm the best in the world but pleas at least match one record during a battle. he let rectangle records do the mixing(and half of the scratching for him). i heard some people say it was a tie. tony was doing DMC shit. he could have be in the regional finals at least. he juggle for like a whole set and did it with this jazz beat. it was one of the sickest remixes i had ever heard. it wasn't even close to a tie. anywho nice to see eveyone out. haven't been writing much. i lost part of the journal and i can't find it so its not backlogged right now.


so i have no clue as of whats going on in life. here @ 25, and having a good time making music. confused about why i can never say what i feel to anyone ever. me and anthony should have been making music progressivly a while ago and we still don't, brandon plays here and there and seems to come in and out of it, and i feel like i cant bring all of this tallent together. women ?? i wish i did know. i think i like one and get no signals and ones that i don't like, like me. its the mid twenty syndrom. life you gotta love it


jay your the man, thanks for getting me to play at this weekends gig. pullin through big. i got three more booking all in the same day. once the flow starts, its hard to stop it.


Sometimes having a mac makes you feel like you have everything at you fingertips. its all so second nature now using it i never thought owning a computer would help me out this much. between writing songs, and playing music,a nd recording, shopping, stealing, i mean you name it and its on the web. from shit you need to shit you don't believe even exists. life is like that today. slowly but surely the human race is so bored it invents every piece of junk they don't need. rare form today. got a sweet kraftwerk cd yesterday though :)


last entry was a while ago. i'm in the process of copywriting the first few songs of my own. a bit of paper work, but all in all it has been a great learning experience. i have been reading a few books and websites about publishing your own music and its all pretty straight forward. as long as you can read it can be done. now its onto how to get these things spread all over this town, and soon everywhere. i mean i like the music, so i think most people will enjoy it. the sound page is getting a face lift tonight so all should be good.


everything has been good, i helped cory with his bands tshirts. which makes me happy, and have been really busy @ the skate park and playing music. got my new guitar, took some rest today, but i feel l ike something isn't right. i wish people would call when they say they would. it makes me wonder.


so i spent a grand on a new taylor guitar. one of the best investments i've ever made. my new car is well too. coming into a new me all the change is helping. play tonight with j-smooth @ tangos and thats gonna be great too. i can't wait. work is going well too, can't help but feel great about everyone on the team. we get along great and have fun while we do our job (which is a damn good one). sukkas betta recognize. i love dee lite lady miss got my heart thumpin again.


its the fourth. i finished the new album this morning. its really stuff i like. i haven't gotten sick of it suprisingly since it was finished. usually the songs get so in my head and i go nuts. this time they are smoother and feel easier to listen to. Mental note to people out there. SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC. people around here never do and i just thought i would remind people again. everytime i go out there are the same people. do people in this city not like going out. are people here against hanging out and supporting people who try and work hard on projects. many tinmes in cities like this all over the world people can't seem to make what they love to do (play music) work out for them in the long run due to lack of support. peace people


i finally got a new car. been nice driving something that isn't always broke. i can't take that shit anymore. its been long overdue. went to a party tonight and the small conversation was terrible. people are about as social as a pack of wild rocks in this city. maybe i'm not the type person that everyone and their mother wants to get to know. who knows. my house has been really nice and relaxing though and thats just what i need for now.


what to do? life and all of its aww and suspense. its driving me nuts. sometimes it would be better not going through with it all but then you would never know how it all turned out.


i could say i care right now but the people around me show me that i shouldn't. well i do. makin music everyday keeps the depression away, or it makes it easier to deal with one of the two. the only thing i know right now is that i am one lonely son of a bitch.


So no matter what people do to you personally you have to just keep going. i have more "good friend" that say they are going to do something with me and it never happens. In a way I fell like I should be pissed off, but you know what. I don't give a fu$k. I do almost everything i say, and sad truth of the matter is its for people who don't even keep plans with me. not many people do for that matter. thats why i sit here solo writing crazy tracks waiting for a break. it will come to those who are patient. as for the people i know, who knows what their doing they never call back or follow through with any plan for that matter. i just can't let it occupy any more of my time after this entry. Its been a jigga nm


I could say that i'm happy with my life, but i doubt that wil ever happen. Confused at times, and sometimes even angry with myself. I know what i feel but i do little about it. that should all change then there would be no could have would have in my mind, it would either be or not be. and if it doesn't happen then it was never ment to. living a life wondering is the worse part of it all. why wonder? see i'm doing it now. once upon a time everyting worked out right. well, it will. soon enough i'll get up the gut to just do it. there are so many thing already though, that i have done with no question. its all good.


Today was full of running around. I leave for the beach tomorrow. don't know how i feel about anything but i do know that going there always makes me relax. lately its been tough to do that with all of this creativity floating around. Its like there is no time to sleep, and all there is, times in which to create. If i'm not working on one project its another. This trip gives my mind the week to know i don't have to do anything. ran into a super hottie lastnight. whats the deal with women? confusing creatures. its off to barrys now to laugh with ross, and get drizzy as ra would say. i need to put my new rex samples up so you people can download them whoever is reading. i have been making dope rex files for reason dr. rex. what a drumset can do to your life :)


its hard for me to keep up sometimes because i'm totally not busy. it makes no sense how working on music makes me tired. probably work on it harder than i think. made a new downtempo album, and the breaks are nice. I just can't deciede if i'm gonna release it with BMI. I guess its a good idea. THen i need to put it in publication. Try and sell it. everything costs big bucks. rediculous amounts of money. damn.


so i was out last night, and i look over at almost the hotest girl in the club, and shes holding glow sticks. what a turn off. i guess getting older is making me a bit sour, but i don't like girls with glow sticks. my boy introduced us and i acted so uniterested, and he's like "whats your problem" i said "the glow sticks". its not like i can just turn off who i like anyway. she didn't even go lastnight. got myself worked up all day and she wasn't even there. thats why lastnight wasn't as good as i expected. phantom 45 and danny the wildchild were excellent though. i had a blast listening to their jams.


i was up all night and now i can't fall asleep. two days runnin. i like the little spurts of energy i get. keep kickin it through till the next day ends. i watched high8 film last night from four years ago. i looked soo much younger. its funny seeing yourself on camera acting like a jackass. listening to the words that came out of my mouth made me even happier i'm older now. Weird stuff. and my bank tried to bend me over backwards all week. banks are the worst for taking your money and then not giving it to you.
So my brain hurts. no more jungle. DOWNTEMPO. slow your roll joe. whatsthedillyo? i cant think of a better reason to think about life. here today after the war and i remember just when i started this journal this was never supposed to last this long. Its lasting. 25 pushin it. i made 8 songs today, i only made 3 yeasterday and i'll have another record day soon. I made breakthroughs with every step i make. Have people upindahouse noddin their heads. i got m. a.'s nod of approval today, and then i took the idea further. a lot further. singing, and ranting on. its was my plead to the stars in the sky. i sing for them tonight. they helped me understand whats really going on inside. the whole energy of summer is around. my heart is feeding off ground.

.... ohh and to my worker bee drea

Howdy. you made me publish these.


When I step into the light My arms are open wide When I step into the light My eyes searching wildly Would you not like to be Sitting on top of the world with your legs hanging free Would you not like to be ok, ok, ok? When I'm walking by the water Splish splash me and you takin a bath When I'm walking by the water Come up through my toes To my ankles To my head To my soul And I'm blown away When I'm walking by the water Splish splash me and you takin a bath When I'm walking by the water Come up through my toes To my ankles To my head To my soul And I'm blown away I can't believe that we would lie in our graves Wondering if we had spent our living days well I can't believe that we would lie in our graves Dreaming of things that we might have been i can't help myself. I can't sleep. i have to work most of tomorrow, and i should be in bed cause i have to get up at 6 am & i can't sleep.


Its been a while since i updated this. I have DSL now so i can fly on the web a lot faster than that dial up shit. I waste more of my time on the web now more than ever. I think i like the idea at least for now i don't mind. The new album is finished, but its time to start work on another one. I'm never satisfied. its better than thinkin i'm all good and stuff. Working on and off for my dad is better than before we used to always fight and now i only work with him once a week. Its a significant amount less money, but i can work on music, and spin out so much more. thats whats important. all this time in music has lead me away from dating for the last year. i feel like I could use someone to talk to, and people around here seem too edgy. i hate that shit. who knows. i'm glad i haven't put too much thought into to it, cause a year ago i was making myself crazy looking for "the right person". what a load of pooh. maybe there is but i'm not gonna comb the globe for one person to try and make their expectations list. something good will happen becasue of my patients.


make sure you check for updates daily @ new music by pailo, and other outofthebag artist. the new album comes out oct. 1st, 2006. its just 8$.


I bought a camera the other day and its the shit. Special effects, and all kinds a shit for 70 bucks. Good deal. I can record us all goofing around in London, and Scotland. People of the world, what's shaken???


I missed these days because I'm getting ready for Scotland. Man this takes some time and effort. Planes to book, and trains, and money ohh my. The weekend was pretty productive. I made twenty copies of my cd. I have twenty more to make. The mix is good, i have to put it online so people can hear it.
There are so many things going on. I hope it doesn't end from here on out. I need to have gigs all the time. It just takes time.


Being let down is nothing new. ~Pailo Orchestra~ Shit. I could feel better today, but honestly I don't. I'm not in the mood to go to class and this program we are writing is damn near impossible. Last night was great. It rained all night which made me feel 100 times better. I was alone, it was quiet, and nobody was around. It made me feel really creative. The finer things.
Its not like I get upset anymore. I studied so hard on my test and did worse than I thought as usual. I think that's why college sucks. Just when you think you understand something, blam!!! Hits ya like a ton of bricks. All at once. I mean I know I understand it, but I feel all this pressure from a piece of paper. Damn! That's pretty weak, but honestly I hate it. Its like you have to learn someone else's rules, and follow and memorize all of them for one moment in time which you release it. Now that's so dumb. Teach me something in reality, and something I can use to make my life better. When its according to some guy who died 1800 years ago, I wonder why something new hasn't been made. People need to make new shit, have new thoughts, and new ideas. Fuck this recycle thought shit. People need to think for their damn selves.


Really I can't say I'm in a good mood. I woke up alone again. I mean its by choice. If I wanted to get some I could but I would rather have a meaningful relationship than a one night stand. Times have been tough now that I have no time for anything. I have been so busy, I can't even take a shit without being late for something. Lastnight I would have slept though class if it wasn't for curtis waking me up. I'm glad he did. Tired, beat and behind. I need a week to play catch up and spring break is right around the corner. I'm the only geek who in his spring break sits and catches up on the work.. I mean all year I have done everything right, but I just want time to read over everything to make sure I remember. Maybe thats why I don't have a girl. Music school work then women. Pretty low on the priority list. The second I put it up top, it'll ruin my whole plan. If your looking you never find anyone. If your not you'll run into the best chick in the world.


if You didn't care, what happened to me. and i didn't care, for you. we were zigzag our way, through the bottom pain occational glancing up, through the rain wondering which one the one us to blame and watching for pigs on the wing.
~pink floyd~
It really sucks when you realize how in love you used to be and the only reason your not with that person is all your own fault. I mean I get up in the morning and always think and remember how in love I was and I still just walked away. I don't know what the hell I was thinking. I mean honestly i hate myself to this day. I can never let it go, and I know she can't either. I feel like I'm a sad reminder to her of what could have been. I feel everytime I look in the mirror its a sad reminder to me of who I used to be, and the things I used to love. God do I miss her more everyday, but it really doesn't matter nothing I say or do could ever change what happened. She is the only person I would ever have stoped everything for. I guess its my own stupid fault. IT makes me wonder why i did such a thing. I was more in the mood to get away from the drama, that was the only reason I left. Because I knew she couldn't get out that easy and it would have been more hell if I had stayed. Instead I just left it at that. I lied to her about me going, and she was never really going to leave her man anyway. all thats besides the point. I still have a place for her in my heart and it hurts. All of the time. I think thats why I continue to write music. I need to start going out a little more and working in the studio a little less. I need to find a really nice girl to treat me well, and make everything alright.
I think oink floyd is the only way i can deal with all the problems in my life. Love lust, envy, jealousy, rage. For some reason Waters makes me feel that much better. He makes me feel like people have all be through the same things but just at different times in their lives. There are things I cannot change. I don't want to change the past. It happened for a reason. Sometimes I just want to know the reasons. and frankly, you can never know all of the answers.


Monday and I can't seem to wake. I made a mix and it turned out rather well. I want to start working on some more stuff. Give it a few days. There will be new samples everywhere.


Pascal programing is pretty tough if you don't put time and effort into it. I feel good when I gat something done.


Saturdays are the work days that I love. I do all the work on my projects on days like this. I made some really cool sequences while I cleaned and hung out with everyone. It was great. Some of walkingsticks new records are dope. Some of mine aren't bad at all.


This is the reason I don't want anybody's help. Fuck. It makes life suck when someone is arguing to you about a day that hasn't really even begun.
Good thing its friday, I can sleep for two days straight if I really want. Insomnia keeps me from doing that though. Rememebering more and more each day why I write music, and do it alone. Nobody argues with you about what is good and what is right and wrong. I just do what I feel. Nobody really takes my feelings into consideration. Basically reasons why I have so much to do and it doesn't involve others. This second degree is all I can focus on now, keeps me busy and out of trouble. P>S> >B>E>A>T
I'm sick of all this bullshit. Nobody really cares if they get better or worse at anything. At work for example people ask me the same questions everyday, and I wonder. Didn't I teach them that yesterday? I mean fuck!! People don't catch on. Another thing is when people act like your friend, and then cause you have some other shit going on they act like they could never understand someone being late, or having something come up. There is nothing that I hate more than stupid misunderstandings. That means there isn't the maturity there between two people, and someone doesn't understand your mannor of living. Its shitty when you surround yourself with good things that get overshadowed by bad.
I have really no fear in life. If its to end then so be it. Thats why I go through everyday doing what I think needs to be done, and works best with the flow of living.
People shouldn't listen to anyone, or follow what they don't believe is good for them. Right now, nothing is good for me. Sometimes I wonder if I'm good for me. I'm allergic to myself.


Great day to be alone;) and to all you others WORD UP. piss on some guy who shoots people in the ass with an arrow. If one even grazes my shirt I'll kick his ass. Opps sorry YEA RIGHT! last night i played the drums, aaaaaaand I loved every second of it. That is probably the most fun thing to do on the planet. I mean honestly, sex is fun, but the drums make me want to explode, and never lets me. Ohh well.
no i really do like sex, but not lately. this is always the dumbest thing. ~ problems are a man made disease ~ pailo........
I'm a biut tired this morning but at night i never can lay down. Its like I always can think of something better to do than sleep. ALWAYS no matter how tired I am, I'll just sit there and pretend i'm not and go on working. The problem is I can't just sleep in a second. Cory can sleep while world war three goes on around him and not budge, but with me I'm fucked. I'll plan on going to bed at 1 and not fall asleep till 3. I should plan for bed at 11 so i can be asleep by 1. It wouldn't work.. I love the drums..


Met a girl never had orgasm
couldn't believe she never had one just let yourself laugh
you look so good so good so good so good
you look so good to me.
she felt that I was just the one
she said I know that you can do it. she had to know got curious to know what its like enough to trust me.
I love porno for pyros~~~ This day is going slow as usual. I have done a shitload of work, and I still manage to find time to study, write this, and listen to cd's. All in an a.d.d. days work! I didn't really even sleep lastnight. I need to soon, but i can't wait till this test. I need to do good.
As for tonight, chillin like bob dylan. I'll make some more jams tonight. last night turned out well with the two recordings i made. Its tought to study for 5 days straight, so i throw little things between all the work.


Now if I could say that all the work in college is interesting, I would be lieing. The only thing interesting is the people. The classes are not very close to real life situations at all. I mean when will I ever use trig? Hard to say that I will. All in all though you learn how to do processes that you couldn't do in the first place. Being able to have the ability to learn is the key, regardless if you remember all of it or just use it for an hour. Its all relative. Sometimes I get upset because nothing comes easy for me. I have a short attention span, I don't like to do what others tell me, and I don't like to read text books that make me wanna sleep. Instead of reading I pass out. Write something related to people's lives so they want to read.
Its tough. I wonder if I'll ever use any of the knowledge. I really don't know. I know what I do want. TO MAKE AS MUCH MUSIC AS POSSIBLE.


The commercials on the X suck. I guess Pittsburgh nightlife is what sucks. Lets goes see another one hit wonder band at the New Club 'M'. Gimme a fucking break. Its metropol, and its old. Get over it. We need soemthing new fun, and exciting. Seeing the shitty Clarks or some other gay band isn't my idea of fun. You think some people would start to understand when a band does it for numbers (if you don't sell so and so dollar amount of albums) you done. if you do that means you like music and your good. Yea right it means more ten year olds are buying your cd's.
Its noit about numbers, its about making something you love and doing it for your life because you feel whats going on. I can't even have the energy to start ripping on the shitty bands of the world. Read my articles for that shit. I was in a great mood this morning, and then I turned on the X. I mean I wanted to hear Howard be goofy to help me laugh, but the station he's on sucks. We need an all drum n bass radio station 24 hours a day, and I'll run it for 12 of the 24 hours if they want. I'll book the dj's and do everything right. Meaning the dope shit. Piss on pop. PLLLBBbbbbttttsssss!!!!!


Study. The key to my after high school life. I have been in college for 5 years now. One degree in two fields, and a minor, and now I'm there again. I love to learn. Its my favorite thing to do. When something new comes about I feel less bored. I know tirg now too. This is so weird. I never thought i could do that shit ever. I guess you can do whatever you want if you put your mind to it.


Saturday at its finest. I couldn't make it to work. I wasn't in the mood. Here again, I really am not in the mood. At least I got some sleep and made a few cds. This is more productivity than usual. Lets hope there is more action this week.


Its friday. Mmm was lunch ever so good. I like taking lunch, its the only thing that keeps me sane at work. My work consists of the most unorganized plans I have ever seen. As long as I do my work then it doesn't really matter. Music will get me out of all of this. I want to be able to give my friends jobs too helping out, and getting paid for something you love is fun, right? I think it is. what a better way to spend your time than doing things that you love to do. Thats the only way people should live. I wish it was sooner than later, but I'll wait another year. I shouldn't I should just go apeshit, and have fun, and say screw all this material shit. Nobody tries that hard unless they are doing something they want to. Nobody here wants to do anything, but be lazy and get paid. I can get paid, but people breathe down my neck. Ohh well, thats what happens when people trust you. Sucks don't it?


What day is it? Thursday. WOA buddies. I'm tired. But hey I gotta have some fun. Smirnoff ICE is nice and smooth. A little light, but in the end i get wrecked. I'm excited about all the new things happening, and I'm let down all at the same time. Why do women like to make men feel all good about themselves, and then like shit the very next day? Its the way my life seems to be going. I need someone I can trust, and not be annoyed by all at the same time. I find very little trust in the people I see now. They make me pissed.
Enough bitching. I made some good music and thats all that should count' Thats why I rely on my favorite songs to get me out of the rut I'm in. Its always like that. A good song can always take all the pain away. IN short, its all temporary.


So now I have heard it all. What a bunch of wankers. Limp Trizcut has the nerve to go state to state stealing other artist's songs and giving them no credit whatsoever. These people are truly untallented and it makes me laugh that record producers and people in the music industry don't realize suck when they see it. SHit today the industry is at its peak for the search of a quick money maker. Back in the day Zepplin had to prove to people what was good, and now all the record people see their fame, as a ticket towards money and making an production team to fix up people who are untallented, and not very artistic. The big record companies seem to make a mochary of what we love, and what we strive to do with our very lives. I given them and all the bands who endorse this a huge FUCK YOU. It makes me ashamed to make things for people when I know others are not as serious as me, and the rest of the artists who aren't in the mainstream. The reason we're not is because those people suck, are not creative, and are very narrow minded. There are the few acceptions that slip through the cracks, but Britney, Backside, NSTINK, and all the other posing no-singing/ non=playing/nonwriting people bands, you SUCK ;)


Now that I think about it and the more I sit here and listen to the X radio station, I realize how bad Trent was right (cory nice). all the new bands are trying to sound like cookie monster. Well its very true. TOo true. I think its a fucking howl. I've been laughing at the X most of the morning because of all of the new sounding "cookie monster" bands. Please, I hope they read this article soon because it could CHANGE THE FACE OF ROCK AGAIN!!! hahahahahahaha
Britney wins awards and she doesn't sing on stage, and look what happened to Milli Vanilli. Is this history repeating itself, but now its ok. Fuck. This story could go on forever. I hate all this wanna be shit. If people would pioneer a new sound. I mean Korn and metallica, and the early bands, i can give them total cookie monster credit, but now all this follow the leader crap is a howl. Why don't we watch someone on real life tv jump off a bridge, and then all want to be like them. Or better yet why don't we all listen to the next trendy song on the radio, write one just like it. Have one hit, and make money for a week?
ART SHOULDN"T BE LIKE TV DINNERS AND HOOKERS = ie FAST AND EASY. It shouldn't be a quick fix. Thats what kinda keeps me away from making studio albums produced by other people than me. I don't really wanna sell out. I would rather write good music, let everyone listen and say fuck the top fourty. I need a tv dinner!!!


Fizzzzz monday. It took me two hours to get to work cause of the traffic, and my house is twenty minutes away from work. Fuck that. It was liek a death trap on the roads, and I'm sure tonight won't get any better. I need to do da bills. FUCK again. Just for it being monday it sucks.


I like to study. Its one thing that can take my mind off of my life and into the books. I mean trig isn't the most exciting thing in the world, but it gets me away from it all for an hour or three. More tracks on the way.


Everything went fine at laga, they put me in the headline spot which was really a great experience. Sometimes I wish more people were there, but then again i'm from pittsburgh, and people don't seem to understand what its all about. The people that were there were cool except for the kid that almost OD'ed. How dumb can you get. But 500 kids in Laga for me and diggabeats is pretty sweet. Thursday I had the record high of hits in one day on the site, and it seems that all is well.
I'm tired of living this way and feeling the same. IT should all be different soon. I just don't know when.


Fresh Months rock. TONIGHT !!!!! LAGA !!!! Word up. Dropping the first original tracks for all the people. I hope they like em. I'm gonna try droppin 3, and making them work. It seems really clear, and the levels seems right. Listening to it in the studio is ne thing, but when you get it on a cd or a piece of vinyl it sounds completely different. Totally.

somtimes I skip days, and its only because I don't find the time I need. Too many tests all the sudden. Blah. I hate it. But its not that bad it could be worse. People are so funny. It seems I cause trouble everywhere I go. I need to chill out.


SHit baby. Its crazy. I know trig. Shit. I never thought in a million years. The shit seems easy now, but it was really hard at first. I looked around to see if modest mouse is coming anytime soon, and they aren't. Feck. I wanna see these guys so bad.


This is the way days fly by. I didn't even have time to think yesterday. By the time I could think, I was already sleeping. Shit. I like constant motion. If things slow down they get really boring. If life was boring it would need to change. Here comes the best part, the site is updated again. THis time i think i like it. I could be wrong, i have to beta test it in real life, but when its said and done, at least the part of the new mix is there.




The steelers coaches SUCK. ILOVE THE 3RD Demension!!


One day where I can chill and not worry about anything. I felt the need to do absolutely nothing this weekend. That sucks. I didn't do the section of trig thats due, and i have a shit load of reading. Its the little things in life that I love. I need to move away. I really do. Get shit started. This sitting around makes me nothing but bored. I could go and try and do work all of the time. Oh wait I spin Groove this Friday, and I have a bunch of other things to do. Man I have to get the passport too. There are so many things I still have to finish. Its will be done. The new web updates are starting to take place, and there is pleanty more to come. It all begins with the new 3d drawings that will be appearing everywhere. I'm addicted to 3d modeling. I have to finish some of the other minor adjustments. They really don't take long they just take a bunch of minor details. Fun!!!!


Willing to fix the web, but i still need to fix the top banner it looks like shit, and there are two other things i didn't fix the way I wanted it. Ohh well, back to the drawing board. Which I hate. Its gonna take me all weekend to do trig, and to finish the website. I have work to do. Go thing i like my job, well the job i do for myself. I couldn't stand being at this place and having nothing outside of it. It basically sucks your soul out of you. COMPLETELY. I say fuck that shit. I use this place for my second free education. Then I'm getting the fuck out of here.
The vibe here is evil. No fun, barely allowed to have friends, and the same bullshit that makes me hate every job I have had working for someone else. People snitching and acting like fucks basically. Ohh I forgot this is where anyone can read. OHH WELL tough shit. I like to speak my mind, and if i didn't my journel would be a big fucking lie. Might as well tell people what i think is up.


This could be a great day, but I think I hate the people that live upstairs from me. They are such immature assholes. I mean common now TELL ME YOU NEED TO RE_ARRANGE YOUR FUNITURE AT 4 AM!! What the fuck. How many times are you dropped on your head as a child. I mean they can have all the gay sex they want but i don't wanna hear it. Its one of those things. They bang on my floor around midnight, and i turn the shit down, and they insist on being loud at 4 am. You must be retensive. Pay back is a bitch.


All I can say is that I need a drink. Rum here I come, and I shall forget the rest!!


Well this is where its at. Online I couldn't think of better things to be doing other than bitching about my shitty days, and praising my good days. Today I feel in between. Its not that i'm mad, or really happy its just that feeling of existance that is there but you walk around wondering how prominent your presence really is. Shit, knowing would make the whole point of life a little less worthwhile. Its a wednesday that feels like a tuesday, and I'm sure everyday would feel this way if I made it. People should just be. I thought there would be a change in people since the sept 11th happenings, but I still walk around campus with that shitty feeling like people don't want to even acknowldge others exist. Fuck that. I hate that shit. But hey its what happens. People in general don't like other people all that much. If we did we would all be saying hello a lot more, being nicer to everyone, and not caring too much about the little insignificant things. People still think about shit way too much, and I think thats what leads to this mess of confusion, and allows people to communicate less and less.


Praise Dr. Martin Luther for getting me a day off. a three day weekend always makes me feel better. Then I get back here to the lazy work week. Everyone I work with is lazy. I am sometimes, but if I was doing what I wanted I would never have this problem. Thats why people here are like this. They can't believe they have to do this for the rest of their lives. But on the bright side, some people don't want more than a normal life. I can respect that totally. But in the fields I choose to be good in lead to a general public knowledge about the person. People know directors, and musicians. So i shouldn't worry about what others think or want. Everyone is a bit different. I can respect that.


I can't even begin to talk about the weekend I have been having. Honestly there is nothing better than being alone, because when your around people who can't understand you have a hard time dealing with the problems that do come about. Its all problems about misunderstanding. I have too much of that lately.
Shit I have been getting really good records though. And finally reason is sounding right. I have all the triton sampled into Reason, and my soundbank is huge. I need some more sounds though. I love samples.


My brain is beginning to hurt.


I have no motivation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Curtis and Dara rock!!!


I am so tired today. Tired of a lot of things. Everyone is lazy, and most people have no motivation. All I hear about all day is how hard everything is and how people don't want to do things. If people are so quick to be a baby about things, then why even leave the house? I have to make up the work for two people here and people just keep pouring it on. I see people surf the web all day, and do basically nothing and nobody cares. Fuck that. I can't be a passive consumer. I must strive for what I believe in even if others are letting me down. I keep falling asleep while I type this. What a day.


The new cd is done, and now I feel the need to be happy. Even the sequencing is getting better. I can't wait till the end of this month for Groove. Erik is a pimp, so is walkingstick, bedford, zon, and all the kids in the crew helping me do what I can do best. Much love.


I cannot make things be any different then they already are. Confusing as it may sound. I'm really confused. I guess thats the nature of my life. To be aimless, and wondering about life as if I have nothing better to do. Its confusing how people treat me and I feel better aqt times than others but one day I might have at least a little understanding. Its really tough all the variables.


So its not bad enought I have class but there is this particular person who keeps pushing me to do better. I do so admire them for the help. I just have to figure what to do. I mean I work on homework, but now its really time to work.. Trig is some crazy shit. Just all little things to remember. If I work hard enough I will be fine. I just can't believe how life is going right now. Things are in perspective, and there is a path I can lead myself down to make all of my life's work really do what I want it to.


Da muthafuckin Walkingstick is in da house. We have been working on some special things. Lets see what happens in the next month. We are thinking about a live show at laga. We are gonna work things out so it works out well. Its fun.


Boy am I having fun. Last night I hung out with tim and ted, and Josh da funky 1. Some fun shit, and he most definitely makes some sweet sounds. I have been working on the mac now that its back and i feel like I'm getting something finished for a change. I have new logo's and designs for all over. I just have to make it work. just a little more time.


Today people look good and feel good. I feel the need to express my good mood today because the cpu is back, and all the programs are back in action. I have to master my dubplates, and send them to my Scotland kids. I can't wait. This year has started out really good. Hopefully the end will be better than my whole life. The more I learn, and the more experience I gain, the better everything begins to feel.
Much love to the world while I'm in a good mood. Peace out kiddies, and have a nice weekend. -=pailo=-

01/10/02 It could be worse. I could be up stairs. No thanks to that shit. I feel wild already, with all the trig and things I'm doing now, I never have free time. I like that more than sitting around looking for something to do. I always have shit to do. The movies are coming up, and so are all the big shows that i have to do. It no wonder work is so fun (if you do something you love). I couldn't see it any other way. I really love this new text too. It looks all high tech. I'm gonna go work on the site again today I think, put up some scheduels, and begin the transition to the new server. It takes all kinds of fucking time though. That is the pain in my head lately.

I talked to my friends that were away and that makes me feel better too. Being away from people makes you realize how much you miss them. Work is work as usual. Normal jobs suck, its the side jobs I like.

01/09/02 Stretching cartlidge isn't the best idea in the world. Niether is working. Shit I know I'm really bored but for some reason I don't do much to change it. Being here is the key to school, and leaving would be the key to my life and doing exactly what I want to do. I want to play music, and make film. The only problem is money. Thats always the problem. Money. I hate fucking money. At least I ordered some fat records yesterday. Scotland is coming up, and I have to get the passport worked out. Exciting and all. Thats something I can't wait for. People can say what they will. I know they will.

I have to give props to Zon for the organization, and well other than that my boys in Scotland get a yell too. This is one of the biggest things I will get to do. It awsome. I can feel the rush. From head to toe.


Today is the day i get the mac back.. It seems now I can get on with life as normal. I don't need anybody or anything when I have my mac. Its like days could go by and I wouldn't know. Not like days aren't going by already without me knowing. I feel heartless I feel cold and I feel numb. Even after all the fun I had last night this feeling I have been having lately is shitty. Its like a hangover that won't go away. I haven't even been drinking. Its hard to make good out of the things that have been driving you nuts. School is back in and I can't believe I went back, but its all about the knowledge. I wish I would start to feel smarter. I mean the more I learn the less I have time to use it. Maybe one day I'll be satisfied. I just want to finish the cd I have been working on so hard. Its like making something constantly that you don't pay attention to all the time yet its always there. I feed from it, but try not to let it distract anything i do. I don't even tell people I play music anymore unless they are right there when I do it. I figure people can form their own opinion before me saying, "I play like this or that." Fuck that. I play like me and if people don't like it they can kiss my ass. I make it for my enjoyment. Another thing I can't understand is how I don't have money. I work and work, and still have nothing. This year everything is going to change and I don't think anything will stop me. I don't mean to be so bitchy, but after four months of hell and 7 months of no positive relations with women, I feel the excessive need to let it all flow out. Now I found someone I can semi relate too, and now I feel like the people that shouldn't be around me are gone.