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skb flight



Great event @ the ND last night. All kinds of art in house. I spent a bunch of money and had a great time. Also performed with my modular case. Shout out to 4MS, BubbleSound, Livewire, TipTop Audio, Pittsburgh Modular, and Doepfer, without you guys I could not be making all the music live like I do. There will be video on vimeo soon. When its loaded there will be links here. Thanks again everyone who came out.

Pailo On Vimeo

Photo on 10-23-11 at 9.47 AM #2

Switched On Friday

It’s Friday @ Switched On. Lots Of great gear.


BLOG Crash

Blog went down for an hour yesterday. My fault. I switched the Home page to the BLOG page and the web server lost all the comments. I hate when it does that. Thanks again for coming to the site, and hopefully everything will be back to normal. Onto Proto v3.o.

Proto V2.o

Here are a few more shots with the cables tied down, and some modules inside and working. 1.5 amp, very cool running with 7 modules so far. Getting ready to let it run all night and then will fill it tomorrow. There will be more shots as usual. Don’t have an official release date but they will be ready soon hopefully. There will be 2 and 3 row available at first and then I will be releasing other cases as 2012 progresses. It is a very exciting time for, and for Pailo as an artist. Breaking new ground. You can see Pailo’s modular synth set this Saturday @ 7pm @ ND for 5$ with free red bull. Drink two, and its like getting for free to see me.



Proto V2.o

So i finished the second case. I’m feeling a wave of excitement and gratitude all over. To all my friends at 4MS, Livid, Bubblesound, Switched On, and Fletch…..THANKS! Also thanks to all the friends that are supporting this creation. My last month of thought has gone into the planning of an enclosure company. Really wanted to make something different, and when I get all my friends involved, great things happen. I will post a spoiler photo or two, but remember it is not 100% finished. The 3rd proto-type will be a lot closer. I still have to get cable tied mounts, and a few things at the store today. Hope you like the pictures. Please comment on this post so I know how you feel about the design, or what you think would help the project out. Wood end caps will be added soon, and some finishing touches. Enjoy!!!




OhmRGB is in Future Music Mag this month. Super exciting.

Music Mag


Thanks Livid Instruments, and all of the writers.

Thanks Peter

OhmRGB Article.



BlipBox looks fun!! Check out the article. Open source!!

Native Kontrol

Thanks Tom for the great tip on using your midi controller to the max. There are templates for multiple controllers here and goes beyond what the manufactures support. I wish more people would get involved in making their controllers better. One script is cool but multiple layer scripts makes the experience way better.

Thanks to people like Native Kontrol, it makes that a reality.

DIY Case

4ms Distros made by me. Not too bad, but really great learning experience. I recommend it to anyone looking to sharpen their solder skills. The power supplies are switching (that people say are noisy but the are not) and not to expensive. I use one supply per two rows, and have two supplies in the three row case. Finally made the rails levels, and learned a few cool tricks for fitting the modules without any uneven spots.

If anyone needs help let me know.


Switched On Austin Wednesday Synths

Here are photo’s of the lineup.
For more details call 512-782-8806.
Synths are for sale until purchased, and may already be sold.
These shots are from opening Wednesday morning.


You can stop down and play any of them.
1111 e11th st. suite 150

Aluminum Proto v1.o

Really cool secret stuff going down. Can’t wait to share these ideas with everyone. Soon.