Power Supplies

Building some power supplies. Working all the time to get all these parts down. Ordering from Mouser, and DigiKey get crazy. Lots of time soldering small components. All of this because I love to make sounds with my modular synth and want to share the experience with everyone. We are going to have one of the most original line of cases out the world has ever seen. Some bench shots.

2011-11-22 00.25.41

2011-11-22 00.25.15

Sound Modular

My new company starts December 1st, 2011.
Hope you all enjoy.


Can't Wait

Cases are being assembled. I will start taking orders December 1st. Cannot wait to show everyone the new design. It looks professional. Hopefully by the end of 2012 the case will be full of friends. Modules of my own I mean. The first design is underway with Livid helping me out so much. Thank you again and again to all of my friends helping see this case come together. The sneak peak shots look good and i cannot wait to show the world!!


Downloads Page

Here are different waveforms, and a few blip beats made from the eurorack system. This is for the students to make simpler devices out of. Its great to have a good reference point for wave shape sounds in your sample library. Make sure you hit the diskette and save the synths you make into your library.