Mattson SQ816 Looks amazing! So many variables, with tons of details mapped out on the Division 6 website. Nice to see more sequencers out.



Pailo Entire Collection

Check the Free Downloads Page. There are zip files of all of my music. Good and bad, it’s all me. Been working on some new music and had to let all of this out for free to move on to the next venture. The iTunes release will be announced soon. Hope you enjoy the holiday gift from Outofthebag. My First Major Release will be 2013!!


Weekend Fun

Been working on a new module for myself which is teaching me the ins and outs of op-amps. It was hard to get a grasp of what to even start with but things are actually coming along. TL072 is the beginning of my journey.


Cool DIY Site


Looked kinda interesting.

MC303 Acid Labs


For 420$ is it worth it? Looks nice and OSC and Filter w ENV in one module. The sequencer is 499$ so for about 1000$ you can have a eurorack tb303. Seems like a cool idea. The sequencer has gotten good reviews to in the clean function, and real time step programming. The quality of their gear is top notch but how many of these are there? I just like the design here.


Their homepage here

Eurorack Community

We try and follow all of the new Eurorack modules that come out but there are over 700! This BLOG is where I generally talk about items I want for my case, or things that I already own and just want to say how much they work for me. Keep tuned in for Sound Modular updates and OutoftheBag information too.


Last night was filled with deep bass, and crazy pulses from the Cyclebox. An amazing Eurorack Oscillator that has plenty of wavetables and sounds to keep you tweaking for days. Pitch tracking is awesome and you can get some very vocalist tones, sub bass, piercing high notes and leads forever.

Highly recommend this piece for your case.


Hats 909


And this is another want! Already have the 808 modules.
Own the 606. Guess this is the only parts i am missing.





The new sequencer I have been eyeing up….. Looks really cool. Only found it in Germany though…..my boys @ schneiders rock. Share all my secrets here.

Tidal Waves

Wow. It has been a long time since we got on the BLOG. Back in action soldering at the bench and working on a mixer. It has been a lot of book worming and a ton of thinking but Sound Modular is getting ready to put some hard work to use on its newest designs. Stay tuned.