Notes For May 16th

Midi with Hardware in Ableton Live 8

1. Electribe.
*Clock Sync in Ableton Midi Preference
*Ability to record patterns in clips Record Enable Track
*Setting correct drum to pad in sequencer
*MIDI settings, ways to monitor midi
*CV with the trigger from Electribe
*Max MSP notes to Ableton midi track

2. CV from MIDI Clip
*Converter involved
*USB controller/ MIDI Controller
*Electribe/LPK MINI/ Clip from Live
*CV Drum Kit DR220
*Voltage was made in the 60's

3. Softstep Demo
*Foot Controller
*Parameter mapping
*Thirdparty Software with Live.
*Data in Live CC vs NN

4. Template Creation
*Setting up your set
*Easy to modify
*Map values
*Saving instruments, effects, midi, racks, and more concepts for saving

5. Automation in Ableton.
*Global record
*One track @ a time vs running around
*Phrasing effects
*Envelopes automated

Midi Clinic

Working on syncing MIDI to CV and the LFO’s trigger in time with the Electribe. Pretty good stuff. The clinic this Monday will be a glimpse inside the studio here @ Outofthebag. Good times syncing MIDI clocks to CV V/Oct and gates. We will be covering all of these topics on Monday. You will leave with an idea of how to sync hardware with software using Ableton Live, Eurorack Modular, Digital and Analog Drum Machines, and Usb Controllers.

This is one not to be missed!
Victory Grill - 7pm 10$