Say Buchla

Go to this site and do what I do. Wish I had 40k to spend on a synth, cause this would be the one right here!!!

Vintage Synth Explorer

Need to know something about most synths on the market yesterday? Look no further. At VSE you can find some really good info and user reviews. If you can’t find it there it does not mean that synth never existed, it just means they haven’t got to it yet. There are a ton of synths on that site though.

Prophet Lives On

A place where you can talk about the prophet series keyboard. My prophet 600 is broken right now. Don’t know if it’s an oscillator issue or what. Sounds like it just freaks out as soon as you turn it on. Too bad it’s the most played keyboard in my studio (when it works).

Noystoise Is My Hero

Craziest music gear i have ever seen!


My head is beginning to hurt. It’s now to the point where i can make my own controller from the ground up. Been thinking of a monome/apc40/launchpad hybrid. Don’t know if it will work because I have to start on smaller things first then move on to the larger tasks. The first controller will be a step sequencer for sure. 4x4 or 2x8. I dunno. Sketching ideas now.

Avenue by Resolume

You should check out resolume. Their software is amazing. Fun and easy to use. Get Screenium too, and you have yourself hours of fun.

What A Week

Working hard on MAX MSP patches. Lots of reading, with too many tutorials to count. It’s has been a fun experience. I need a good list of the apc40’s max patch guts. Still looking. Monomulator crashes like crazy on my cpu once maxforlive was installed.

More SXSW Madness

Glitterbillies play tonight @ 9pm @ Headhunters. Going to be a good show. It’s already been crazy downtown, with traffic and more people than I’m used to seeing, endless shows, and streets closed down. It almost feels like summer.

Switched On

Switched On Clinics will begin after SXSW. Austin area will
have the chance to learn vital production information, and
get hands on experience with a certified Ableton Live 8 instructor.
Clinics will include Intro Level 1, Level 2, Midi, Drum Rack,
Simpler, Audio Effects Racks, DAW, Song, Mixing Mastering, APC40, and


1111 E.11th St
Austin Tx. 78702
(512) 782-8806

Pearl Masters

Playing the Pearl’s last night. The harder you hit em, the sweeter they sound. 13 x 13 rack tom, floor tom @ 16x 16, extremely low kick drum @ 24 x 18, and a 13 x 7 maple snare. It’s nice to play the drums. They make you feel alive and tingly all over. Always wear hearing protection. That is the key to playing drums year after year and not going def.

Tama Starclassic also make me super excited, but the price of the Pearl, and the quality of the shell is hard to beat. I prefer the Tama hardware over everything else though. Iron Cobra. Solid as can be and you can set the pedals to be loose in the feel. Kinda like the old Ludwig pedals. Speed King. Those were so terrible they were good. The loosest pedal ever for a kick drum. Like it was going to fall apart every time you kicked it, but I loved those pedal’s loose feel.

Switched On Clinics

The list of classes will be fully updated March 22nd, along with prices, time, and size of each class. Pailo is instructing clinics based on live techniques and studio recording techniques which will help the user navigate Ableton, and master the interface. Small classroom sizes will help each student learn in a positive environment with other Live users, and a host of instruments ,including the Akai APC40 and Novation LaunchPad. Students are encouraged to bring their laptops and control surfaces to make each lesson help fit their unique setup, allowing time for the teacher to evaluate the students Ableton rig and to make it streamline for production.

TR-909, TR-707

There are two machines that run in my brain. The Roland TR-909 and TR-707 are my two favorite machines. The only other thing is the TR-808, but I can take the 909. I think it’s built great and really has a deep sound overall.

Waking up to musical instruments inspires me to live everyday.

One Fast Transfer

Here we go. The old blog is up, the links are functional, and everything is looking back to normal. I do have to fix walkingstick’ss site next, but this looks a ton better and is a way better way to read through my thoughts and lesson. This site will soon be the center of the training video’s, original music, a place to get remix work, and all in all a way to see what Out of the Bag Artist’s are doing. Hope you like the design. Email me if you need anything or have questions.


Another rendition of the Outofthebag website is under way. Worked till about 1 am last night just getting this blog together and working on some of the main pages. The new code is a ton easier, but getting the content into the page and to work out the spacing is the hardest part. It takes a bunch of time formatting tables and making sure everything looks good once it hits the site. The color scheme may change, but the content will stay. 7:30 now. I work at 10.

New Web Software

This is totally insane how my website is ruined because of mac software. Iweb is the devil!!