Busy Working

Designing cases is a ton of work. Now that we have some really nice designs i need to figure out what people would really want. I love this new case, and the music that has been coming out of it is insane. The sound cloud account has some new tracks up. Check them out. http://soundcloud.com/outofthebag

2row Wood

2 row wood profile


Brain 2

I have been working on some really fun projects lately with my friends at Livid. Today’s synth meet will showcase some of the first Midi Eurorack Modules ever!! Makes me excited to share with everyone the experience I am having with all of this amazing gear. Jay has been super helpful and everyone @ Livid is super cool and really make me enjoy the experience even more. The best part about it is, we are working on all this great equipment to make everyone else’s experience better too. This opens so many new doors ways and possibilities that I never thought were imaginable. Sitting in front of my modular and controlling Ableton while surround by analog modules by my favorite manufactures (and friends) thinking, “Wow, what a great time. Mixing together both my analog sounds with my digital effects.sequencer.controllers.plugins. all at once!”

Hope you are enjoying this, what’s about to happen next is going to change the game!


Working on Elements

Good times.

Livid Elements Meet Sound Modular 3
Power Supply x6Bus Boards 1