Being here at NAMM is great, and this is one of the nicer companies I have seen. Really nice lap harps.


Summer NAMM

Summer NAMM. Really cool stuff, seeing old friends. This is a great way to look at what the music world has to offer on a commercial level. There are some smaller companies here too, but it’s wilding seeing how big a small NAMM is. I can’t wait for the winter NAMM.

New Clinics

Here we go:

Clinics Released

The new Clinics for Summer 2010 will
be released this weekend. It will be as follows:

Every two weeks the classes will happen once.
If you miss one class, you can always
go to the same class the other week.

Ableton Class Intro:

Week 1 - Basic Song Composure

Week 2 - Automation

Week 3 - Sequencing Live Performance

Week 4 - Mastering (Rendering)