Live Tips

Below is a list of some of the websites with Ableton tutorials.
Been Reading around online. I will begin to comment on the links.


What is this?


New site by Kendal Clark and Steve Campbell.
Tricks for using Ableton Live and free sound libraries too.
What a great place to read articles on my favorite recording software.
Check it out.

Reaktor Update

New screen shots of Reaktor from NI.

Picture 1

Above is the first table I made.

Picture 2

Lazerbass is a new one included in the new 75 modules. Love it!

Eurorack Demo June 27th, 2011

June 27, 2011 @ Switched On
Eurorack Modular Demo Featuring:
Stere Rightnour - Livewire Synthesizers/ Monorocket
Dann Green -
4MS Pedals
In-Store Demo From Both Companies!

Hosted By: Joseph Pailo & Guy Taylor
7pm-8pm FREE


Wow is all I can say. Amplitude Modulator, Mixer, VCAx4, Modulation Router, and Matrix for dynamic creation based on voltage. Insane fun. Too much for me to handle. Switched On is the first store to carry them. We are the only one’s to carry the black one’s too! Thanks to 4MS (dann and jeanot) for bringing them in and keeping me in mind. Please do not ask me for the “black one”. They are only for the select few :P Plus I sold my two already.

We have 4MS and Livewire Electronics in store
June 27th, 2011 for a free clinic! That’s right! FREE!! So come down, meet some new people, and find out what modular synthesizers are all about.

Photo 16

Working Tons

Working on a prototype controller, and driving myself nuts with code. Ableton clinics are going to take a break for June and July. August I will bring them back in full effect. Check me out on all the links, and my new summer music will be on soundcloud. See you soon. If anyone needs me use my email.