4MS Noise Swash

Here with another module that is crazy sweet. The Noise Swash, from 4MS combines a sound shaper/filter with pulse/time generation, and oscillator. Through time I still believe it does even more than that. With a 10 turn potentiometer, it is great for live performance and manipulation in real time. The tone knob shape has made it a filter like module that sounds more extreme in bending and shaping. Keep in mind, I have owned the module for a year and am still finding new things all the time. Try running a sequencer clock with it. It’s crazy!



Pittsburgh Modular Generator


We will be selling Pittsburgh Modular @ Switched On. Great people, making crazy modules. We are excited about this one. The Generator is composed of a dual triangle core oscillator, and has four inputs, and three outputs. Broken down, the inputs are voltage inputs, two oscillator shaping points, an external with switch routing for modulation controls, and a cv input to control the rate of the Generator. The outputs are oscillator 1 out, oscillator 2 out, and an oscillator 1 out again at the bottom. This module is great for feedback, and FM dives.


4MS Atoner

Built the Atoner from 4MS the last two days. Took me about four hours. Thanks Michael and Dann for all the help. You guys helped to make this possible. Been watching you two solder and taking mental notes for almost a year now. Took my first steps.


The Atoner by 4ms is killer. It can create quantized melodies, clock/trigger outputs, pitch shifting/jumping harmonics, cv mixer, and the nomal crazy sounds you get with 4MS gear. Pair it with a Noise Swash to get even crazier sounds.


Good Times.

Fixing Script

I know my blog has been not updating the dates so it looks like every blog has the same date since June 6th. Working on a fix, but there is a ton of script. Hopefully I can figure it out. Also wanted to say thanks to Livid for the help on the new vids and all of the cool pics of the studio. Glad people are responding so well to my setup. Thanks for all of the support and warm wishes.