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Ableton Clinic Feb 07

Switched On Workshop Ableton Live Simpler :
A Digital Solution : Making Analog Sounds.

This workshop will cover the simpler, subtractive synthesizers, sampling, using midi controllers, and making your own sound library. Please bring a laptop with live so you can make instruments while at the clinic. This clinic has a strong focus on making custom sounds. This will also cover browser usage, favorite folders, and file management. Joseph will be there early @ 6:30 if you have any questions, or problems you need help with your own projects.

Simpler Clinic 101:

*How to take a sample.
*Insert Midi track.
*Insert Simpler Instrument in Ableton host plug ins.
*Route midi keyboard.
*Route to audio track.
*Blank Midi Clips.

*Synth 101:

*Making a progression.
*Recording a progression in realtime.
*Looping a sample.
*Creating a Single Waveform.
*How to modify your waveform.
*Adding effects.
*Depth to the effects. (Multiple chain order)

The Harvestman

The Harvestman stuff is amazing. Saw this module @ NAMM. The Piston Honda is a wavetable oscillator. Check the site for more details on these great products.

New Clinic Date Jan 24th 2011 @ Victory Grill

NAMM 2011