More Shots


Boat104 Update

A few more sneak peak shots of the Boat104 from Sound Modular.

Boat104 Front On Couch


Site Update

Reorganizing the site a little bit, and adding some info about all of the wonderful people I have worked with in the past. Been involved with studio’s and production work for the last 10 years almost, and working on my own tunes pre-dates 1994 with the gold old tape 4 track. How time flies when you work with people, and the things you love. Thanks everyone on the list and to all the other people I have helped not on the list. Digging through all of my old paper work is tough, but the list will grow as I pull up old files, and as I add new clients. There are so many great students @ Dub Academy too that I have watched grow, and they help me grow. All of you have made a huge difference in my life, and none of this could be without all of your interested minds and will to learn.

Thanks again. I could not do it without you all.

New Boat

Club Night

Pailo has been spotted playing out again…..

…………it’s on with the modular, tr-606, and sk1.


Red Bull Music Academy

Shot of the Flight208 (Below) Pailo Live before Gas Lamp Killer event for DubAcademy, and Red Bull Music Academy. Good vibes and a great interview. It was great to see everyone support and come out. Awesome to meet Will and talk to all of my friends. Our crew is getting stronger.


New Batch

Working on the next batch of cases. Getting excited. We are trying out a new Ramp208 version that should look really clean and nice. We are moving toward a late March thru April date of having cases again. Our first runs sold fast, and we are moving to make another run. They are extremely hard to make but are very rewarding once they are finished. The labor of love for musical gear and to share it with others, what joy. More news to come on the SoundModular front.

February 2012!!

Excited to have more cases to work on. 5 more rolling off the bench in the next week. Working really hard on finishing this order to get another batch going. Check for more updates on the case. Don’t forget all the fun staff from NAMM……

Finally someone made a real analog synth…….

Make Noise has a new oscillator.

Nice controller with CV!

More fun toys to talk about.
Malekko made a new Wavetable Oscillator………Looks sweet!