Thanks for all the support at the Control Voltage clinic. It was a huge success. We will be doing another one really soon. Stay tuned at Outofthebag and

CV Clinic

Control Voltage/Outofthebag Clinic
3pm 15$
Midi - CV - Ableton -Eurorack
Tips on
-Advanced sequencing with the CPU
-CPU to Modular Clock
-Saving tips
-Ableton Clock
-4ms QCD Syncronization


Back to the site. Been really busy with projects and cases. I’m currently fixing some more synthesizers. There will be some updates soon with photos of the SCI Pro 1, Red Roland Sh-101, Roland TR-606 and Arp Odyssey. Lots of minor repairs like jacks, batteries and knobs. It will be good to show you the insides of those machines. They Are some of my favorites synths of all time.

The build for the 4ms Quad Clock Distributor has been hard, but really fun. Learning a new build takes some time and we have been making sure the panels have lined up with the knobs and LED and all. Looks like next week will be official “First ones”. That makes me really happy to get them in peoples hands and hear some feedback. It has been one of the best time piece modules I have ever used. Dan’s brain is coding things right, and musically the possibilities are endless.

The West Coast is an amazing place with tons of great shops and restaurants. Getting a little more settled in and wrapping up the first major Pailo release here on Outofthebag Records. Looks like the site may change a little more and the launch will be here. It will be available on iTunes, Amazon and about 30 other major music retailers. Please support small record labels and help out an artist you love!

Pailo Digital (Self Titled)