The Intergalactic Nemesis
Pailo plays after! 9pm


So i was taking some new shots with the camera. Thought i would share some of the finished product shots before we get the professional one’s made. This has been all of my hard work for the last year summed up in a mini pictorial. How you enjoy, and don’t forget to check out the Flickr page too.

Flight200 Linear Promo Video 1

New Beginnings

Working on the new case company. Take a look here.

Sound Modular

Hope you want to get into a nice case!




I am no longer employed with Switched On.

If you hear any rumors, know the truth from the source. Joseph Pailo has moved on to building synthesizers on his own, teaching @ Dub Academy and working hard on his own synth case company.

To all of my Fans, Students, Family and Friends Thank You for your support and for your respect through the years. Thanks to everyone @ Switched On for their love and support, all of this could not be without you.

Thanks again.


Hello!! Just want to say thanks to every one in Austin TX for the support. We play this Thursday @ Skinny’s Ballroom. Come down and support the Live Minimal Techno of ANALOG DRUMS!!! See you soon. Also check out Pailo on FOX News 7!