Arp Axxe Restoration

So some of my j-wires broke and the keys bottom out every time you play them. Solution: new bushings and new j-wire. The procedure is long and takes some patients. I am halfway through the project. Here are some pictures of the tear down. I need to soak the keys too. Thinking palmolive.
DIY people remember how fragile the j-wires are when taking apart the board. I used a pillow to lay the bed on so i didn’t ruin anything(except the pillow). There is tons of grease on the Pratt-Read Keyboard. Another thing to note is Vintage Vibe has the bushing set for 25$. J-wires are hard to find and more expensive than they look. If you need that link email me. Other tips are go slow so you don’t cut your hands or fingers, and don’t pull on the keys once you unscew them, take them off back to front.

I have found little documentation on j-wire and good tips for replacing them. That is why this blog is following a step by step. Once all the keys are off you can get to the j wire bed a lot faster. The hardest part, not hurting the good j-wire while replacing the bad. I will have more details on the next post.