Proto V2.o

So i finished the second case. I’m feeling a wave of excitement and gratitude all over. To all my friends at 4MS, Livid, Bubblesound, Switched On, and Fletch…..THANKS! Also thanks to all the friends that are supporting this creation. My last month of thought has gone into the planning of an enclosure company. Really wanted to make something different, and when I get all my friends involved, great things happen. I will post a spoiler photo or two, but remember it is not 100% finished. The 3rd proto-type will be a lot closer. I still have to get cable tied mounts, and a few things at the store today. Hope you like the pictures. Please comment on this post so I know how you feel about the design, or what you think would help the project out. Wood end caps will be added soon, and some finishing touches. Enjoy!!!