Case Work Proto v1.o

Here is my first adventure into custom cases. Built the bus boards and did a ton of work to get this project off the ground. I could not have done it without the help of all of my friends including Dann, Jeanot, David, and Justin. Thanks also to all the people @ Switched On who support everything I do, and the guys @ Dub Academy for letting me perform last night @ the ND with the new case. Pictures below. Took four days of work, and about 16 hours of learning.

Next run will be the v2.o, v3.o (Models, Flight 208: Flight 312) and will test the Bubblesound power supply 1.6 with the 4ms Distro 1.1. This will be a lot more work but will be the highest rated mA case out on the market (1.5A per single row) for the best price. First run will be about 12, and then a bigger run will follow. Hope everyone digs the hard work. These will be 104hp vector rails, and thinking about doing the tap strips instead of the sliding nut. After the first two runs of 2 row and 3 row I will look into doing a 4 row. All handles will be low profile and not interfear with the the stacking of cases. Also thinking about putting the power on a 4hp panel for stacking purpose also. still more to think about.

The first run looks to be about 6 weeks from completion. Hope to finish sooner.

2011-09-21 21-1.11.32
2011-09-21 21.11.362011-09-21 19.50.51
2011-09-22 15.30.36
2011-09-22 22.58.32
2011-09-23 10.08.15
2011-09-24 20.49.37