Still Restoring Axxe

Working on the Arp still. Did my order for the j-wire and bushings. Here is a link of who i recommend.

I have been using a MIDI to CV box with Ableton and using the Axxe with the two oscillators from the Roland 100M. Sounds pretty sweet. 3 oscillator analog monster. Looking into a fourth VCO and still haven’t decided on which to get. There are a lot of eurorack modules for sale and it’s tough to figure out which one will be the best sound for the best value. That’s why reading about them is hard enough, but then you have to go to some demo of a person playing the module through other modules. This makes judgement hard to pass because of the other modules surrounding it and the quality of the recording by the author.

The DIY Midi to CV. I will link you to the maker here. (Thanks Ebay)