Want to thank KillSCRN for letting me on his Twitch.TV channel.
Video is posted below.


The first concept drawing back in 1999


MOTS September

Pailo at MOTS September Portland.

pailo MOTS Sept

MOTS August

Here are some shots from Modular on the Spot in Portland, OR 2016.





Sample Packs

Working on a new fun project we call Outofthebag Library. There will be sample packs released from Outofthebag including samples from Pailo playing Wurlitzer, Guitar, Synth Bass, Live Drums, Modular, and Drum Machines. The packs are clearly labeled and will be out on JumpDrive at CV. It is aimed to help students, and songwriters have more sounds, some organic and acoustic, others electronic and exploratory. Look it as a chance to use our work to help you.

Email for details.

295 Comb Filter

So i did another project two weeks ago. The 295 comb filter is basically 10 channel spectrum filter with dual outs per frequency, two outs master mix and buffered mults at the bottom of the module. It only processes audio, so there were no banana jacks. This was about 3 hours total project. It went really smooth.


Thanks Novation

Thanks Novation for the wonderful time. Demoing the Circuit with my modular was a blast!!!


Basic Synth 1 2016


259r Buchla Oscillator

I cannot thank Don Buchla, Roman, Josh, and a few friends for making this dream come true. Building this oscillator is a wild experience. 8 hours of research. 4 hours of part sourcing. No build guide. Hard to find parts. Long hours building.

This seems like a really hard thing to do, but in the end if you keep at it you can finish. These are the first 5.5 ours of the build. Basically have a few more parts, the mount, and calibration. It is such a fun process. Thinking about doing a second one after this... Stay tuned for the calibration.




Tape Release

We are getting ready to release a line of tapes from Outofthebag artists.
Stay tuned for the dates on availability.

Happy New Year


Volt Divers


Pailo Nebulae Sound Pack 1

So i recently made a sound pack for the Nebulae Eurorack module by Qu-Bit Electronics. After downloading the new software, I notice how great it pitch tracks waveforms while freezing the sample. This made me think about how cool the module was, and also made me want to make it cooler for other users out there in the eurorack world.

This pack includes samples from the
buchla 200 skylab, the octatrack by elektron, an 18u eurorack modular, and a Tama roakcstar mahogany drum set. They were cut down in Ableton Live and converted to mono at 44.1khz 16bit. It loads extremely fast on my unit at home, so remember the sound pack has be tested to work before uploading to the downloads page. I wanted it to be easy for all users.

In this pack there are some loops, one-shots, phrases, and other sections of music from some of my last recordings. They are recorded through a Radial Workhorse 500 series rack with PreComps, and PreEQs by radial. The signal chain then went through a RME Fireface 800 into a QuadCore Mac Mini. It took a few days to collect the samples and then convert them to a correct format for the module. If you are trying to make your own sound pack and have not had luck, remember to convert the files to 44.1khz 16bit MONO for the easiest results. I tried doing higher sample rated things, but it never seemed to load all the files the way i wanted them to sound.

If you have any problems loading the packs let me know, and i can also help you upload your firmware if you are having problems.

Buchla Eurorack Adapter Mod

So I have a 40HP eurorack adapter from BEMI.
It came with 5 - 3.5 to banana. Seems after a few
weeks, i needs more banana to 3.5 converters.

Before mod
And so I took the tini jack pairs and made them; tini - 3.5 - banana with a diode to
make voltage DC (which i copied from BEMIs 3.5-banana).

After Mod

Modular Interface Clinic

We had a great time December 5th @ Control Voltage. Glad everyone made it.
There is the final clinic of the year Saturday, December 19th at 1pm. See you soon.


I just wanted to thank everyone for the support with the clinics.
If you need any information regarding the handouts, remember to
contact me at

Basic Synth 2 Fall 2015


Basic Synth 1 Fall 2015



Thanks to everyone who attended. See you next time.

Dr. StrangeKnob & Pailo LP

Portland Pailo Strange

Click the image for the download


Modulation and LFO Clinic


We have had two great back to back clinics @ Control Voltage. People are getting involved with the modular and having a great time. Remember that these classes are free, and 1 hour long. They cover basic synth concepts and there are attached notes on the Downloads Page of the information.

See you soon.

Filter and FM Clinic


Thank you Portland for the amazing response to my modular clinics. Next one is two weeks away on VCA, AM, and Envelope Generator. Don’t miss out.

Oscillator Clinic


Thanks for stopping by this saturday. Two weeks from now will be Filter and FM. The download section had the Synth Basic 1 PDF.

Synth Basic 1

Another basics of synthesizers is FREE @ this Saturday at 1pm. It is an intro class, it’s free, and you get to learn on the eurorack modular system. It’s a good time to come out, and meet some people who love the modular, and learn about some modules. There is a free download in the Downloads section called Basic Synth 1. Go and download it now!!!

See you Saturday.

Sonic Potions DIY

So here are some shots of the Sonic Potions build. A few tips would be,

1. Start in a well lit area with plenty of table space.
2. Have a solder sucker, wire braid available in case.
3. Take your time and follow all instructions.
4. Have needle nose pliers, and sharp snips.
5. DO NOT USE the only 200ohm Resistor. Change it to 10k.
6. Choose any an ultra Brite LED color instead.
7. The LED mod allows the GATE OUTPUT JACK to truly send 5volts.
8. Enjoy the build pictures posted below....











This is a big year for music and creation. We have a few records coming out this year that are fun and a brand new take on some pop hooks. Check out the Records page for more info on the new songs. We are adding some new artists to the crew too so remember the Artist page has images of the musicians we support. Contact Joseph if you have anything you need as far as Ableton files, samples for the Octatrack, A4 syses files, and anything regarding modular synthesizers. More links can also be found on out Websites page.

Nice to see you back and hope 2015 is a blast.

NAMM 2015

It was great seeing all of my old friends and meeting some awesome new people this year. So many new synths and pieces of great gear to look at. It was a long road to Anaheim but after all of the flying around and setting up, it was worth it. Here are some of my shots as seen on the Instagram feed.







Basic Synthesis 7



Topic: Full Voices

Control Voltage
3742 N. Mississippi Ave
Portland OR 97227
1-2pm Free

Summing Mixer

Worked on putting together the analog summing mixer last night. Took me a bit to get used to it but the idea of modular mixing just seems so fitting. Radial Workhorse is pretty flexible and has a great build. The modules they make are amazing too. Got the PreMax and the PreComp to start with and had amazing sounds on the first day. Its a noticeable sonic difference running all of the channels to my monitors direct. There is DSUB out on the box too which is going to be interesting patching to converters.

Basic Synthesis 6


Topic: Controllers

Control Voltage
3742 N. Mississippi Ave
Portland OR 97227
1-2pm Free

Just want to say thanks for all the support Portland. Teaching
Synth Basics at Control Voltage has been a blast, and I hope this continues for a long time.